Week Two: The Academy Of Electronic Music Top 50

September 17th, 2013

We’re incredibly pleased to see so many passionate producers send in their tracks on our website. This week, we’re at a staggering 645 submitted tracks! We’ve received tunes in all different styles, from the dreamy sounds of deep-house and progressive to the full-on big-room sounds of house, uplifting trance and everything in between. We love that diversity, so please send in your track no matter what style you think it belongs to – we’re open-minded! Just make sure to do it before October 7th and promote it well!

Music isn’t the only thing we’ve received though. Hundreds, or in fact thousands of votes have been made, of people supporting their favourite tracks and trying to get them into the Top 50. We’d also like to thank you, the voters, for your support! It’s all up to you to decide which producers make it to the Top 50!

This week’s Top 50 gives a clear overview of which tracks are doing best and received most votes. Enjoy the playlist, but also don’t forget that new tracks are being added every day. They deserve a listening ear as well, cause it might just be that hidden gem we’ve long been looking for. All up to you!

You can do better and should be in there? Make sure to submit your track asap (Closed 7thOct) and get your promo on!