Mischa Daniels does it open-minded

September 1st, 2013

September 13th brings a new taste in house music, and it goes by the name of ‘Let’s Connect Tonight’. The long-awaited second artist album of Mischa Daniels brings many things, but one thing in particular: diversity. And that’s exactly what keeps the Dutchman going. Mischa:”I love the diversity and need the challenge to learn new things.”

Hey Mischa! What’s up? Where can we find you today?
Mischa:”Hello, hello! At the moment I’m actually working home on a lot of interviews for you but also for DJ Mag Italy and BPM Magazine South Africa.”

Only a few days left until your new album comes out! Nervous yet?
Mischa:”I’m always nervous when something new comes out. This is only my second album, so I’m super excited.”

It’s a pretty self-explanatory title, but still – what’s the deeper thought behind it?
Mischa:”Well, to be honest; there is not really a deeper thought behind it than connecting with me and my music. The song ‘Lets Connect Tonight’ explains it all.”

It’s the official follow-up to ‘Where You Wanna Go’, released 2 years ago. What has been going on with Mischa Daniels in the meantime?
Mischa:”Well, since I got a golden record in Canada for the debut single from that album, I played in Las Vegas the first time ( and many times since) and also made my Canadian DJ debut, which is now the main country where I play in.”

Do you feel that you’ve grown as an artist since your debut album was released? What has its release taught you, in the process of producing ‘Let’s Connect Tonight’?
Mischa:”You definitely grow as an artist, especially when you choose to produce a lot of vocal tracks, which is the key on my upcoming album. The thing with producing vocal tracks is that you need to be out there, visit the studios of the singers and guide them through the process you have in mind as a producer. I love producing vocal tracks and I think because of this 2nd album I reached a new level of being a executive producer and manage the whole process.”

It seems that most of the tracks on the album are pretty positive and happy-minded. Is that the message you want to share with your music?
Mischa:”Well, I never really saw it like that, haha. But I guess I prefer producing positive music than rather negative music or sad music.”

You’re also creating bridges between hip-hop and house, especially with ‘FML’, ‘Partied All Night’ and ‘That Girl’. Always been a fan of the hip-hop beats?
Mischa:”Yes, I know some people in the EDM world hate hip-hop but I like to blend in. I love the producers Timbaland and Pharrell, especially the way they produce vocals that get along so well with the backing,  it’s magic to me. Nevertheless, I always produced house music ( EDM ) in a wide genre. From underground  - almost trance – tracks like ‘All That Mattered’ to uber-mainstream house like ‘That Girl’. I love the diversity and need the challenge to learn new things.”

One of the vocalists you’ve collaborated with on the album, is Sharon Doorson. What was it like working with one of Holland’s most gifted singers?
Mischa:”Sharon is amazing. She is indeed the hottest singing girl we have in Holland.
Working with her is very easy as she can really sing. With only a couple of takes she nailed that track.
It was actually the very first time I’ve worked with a Dutch singer and it’s just very easy.
No flights needed, no hotels, no waste of time… just very easy, recording at a studio on only 40 minutes of a drive, haha.”

When you’re collaborating with an artist such as U-Jean or King Louis, how does the process go? Did you invite them into your studio or do work via Skype?
Mischa:”Actually, I went to their studio or rented a studio in their country. King Louis had his own studio in Montreal and since I play there so much and had so much success with ‘Where You Wanna Go’ I have multiple friends with huge studios I can use and work in. That’s the great thing of travelling and meeting new people that turn into friends. As for U-Jean it was a different process. We recorded in Germany first and later on we recorded in Vancouver, Canada as well. I was there recording a bunch of other tracks and I felt we had to re-record the takes we did in Germany as the quality of recording engineers in Canada / US is in some way much more my style. So, as you can read; it’s quite a process and totally different than just producing instrumental tracks in your basement of during travelling.”

‘Can’t Live Without You’ is out now, a real club-stomper. When can we expect the next single and which one will it be?
Mischa:”The next single will be ‘let’s Connect tonight’. It’s a radio friendly single but to give it some action on the remix we decided to work with new talent so this mix comes with an trance/progressive remix by new upcoming talent called MuseArtic.”

Now, the question all clubbers want to have answered: will there be a ‘Let’s Connect Tonight’ album tour and where can we expect it to strike down?
Mischa:”Yes, it will be in several countries like Canada, South Africa, Asia and the US. Details will follow soon.”

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