Ørjan Nilsen: “Expect the unexpected.”

Ørjan Nilsen: “Expect the unexpected.”

August 18th, 2013

Despite his years of experience, rocking crowds and building his own sound, the party has only just started for Ørjan Nilsen. August 30th brings his second artist album, ‘No Saint Out Of Me’, the long-awaited follow-up to ‘In My Opinion’. A story to be told, revealing a different side of the Norwegian producer. After all those years, the mastermind behind ‘Violetta’ and ‘Xiing’ still reinvents himself. Ørjan:”Being an artist is basically the same as always being in school, you can never get over educated and you never stop learning and growing. So in the end? You’re evolving as the days go by and hopefully keeps you in an everlasting motion.”

Hey Orjan! What’s up? How are you doing?
Ø:”I’m doing very well thank you, a bit in need of vacation, but knowing me I’d probably get bored quite fast and be wanting to tour again!”

The pre-orders for your second artist album have just started! What’s going through your mind right now?
Ø:“Haha waaay too many things really.. Anxiety, excitement, pride and not a small dose of relief! It has been EXTREMELY fun making this album as I’ve given myself no boundaries.”

Confident that #TeamOrjan will like it? Are you nervous in any way?
Ø:”Well, I have a very loyal and open-minded following, it’s sort of what characterizes my #TeamOrjan so yeah, I think they’ll like it. Nervous? Most definitely, as I pour my heart and soul into every single track I make, there will always be nerves involved.”

Now the first thing that needs explaining, is the title! Does it have something to do with bad behavior?
Ø:”Hehe, it’s more about not fencing me in as an artist, that I can’t be tamed. So basically, no matter what people expect? They can always expect the unexpected.”

In June, you told us the album shows a different side of you, one you’ve been wanting to unleash for a long time. What can you tell us about that side?
Ø:”It’s more the artistic and wild side of me! A side where all my live needs are met. There are certain features in a track that gets people moving and jumping and which I hope I captured with most of the tracks in my album. After being at countless festivals and big parties, I found myself wanting more from my tracks both production-wise and level of creativity. This I think is reflected on this album.”

Is it true that the older you get, the more you like to experiment and let go of the initial ‘plan’?
Ø:”I wouldn’t say it has anything to do with age, but it’s more about experience and maturity. Being an artist is basically the same as always being in school, you can never get over educated and you never stop learning and growing. So in the end? You’re evolving as the days go by and hopefully keeps you in an everlasting motion.”

The album’s really energetic and hardly ever slows down. Did you choose so, or did it simply happen while producing?
Ø:”The album basically just happened, which is ALWAYS the best way to go about music. Music and inspiration can’t be forced and it shouldn’t be!”

For the album, you’ve been working together with Adam Young, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Christina Novelli, Senadee and Natalie Peris. How did you select the artists you collaborated with?
Ø:”It’s a nice mix of everything, some asked me, I asked some and some got handpicked by the trained ears of Gesine from Armada! All in all the vocalist featured on this album, all did a GREAT job!”

Your track with Adam Young, ‘In The Air’, is really different from any other tracks you’ve released! Was it a breath of fresh air, to produce something like that?
Ø:”This again, is an example of something that just happened! I started on an instrumental which I loved and sent it over to Adam which took it to a WHOLE other level! It started out being a standard club track, but after hearing Adam’s vocals..? This just couldn’t be tamed into something standard! So yeah, in the end, it turned out to be a breath of VERY fresh air!”

We’ve just been blown away by ‘Xiing’ and ‘Violetta’! What can you reveal about the next single?
Ø:”Right now? I have NO idea.. There are way too many strong singles and there’s too little time to release them all. I do however have my hopes up for a track called ‘This Traktor’, which is probably the meanest, hardest and most aggressive of the bunch!

If you’d have to explain what the album is about in one sentence. What would it be?
Ø:”Freedom, commitment and experience.”

Twitter questions: 

Laszlo Gregus – @djlatz1978: When do you make an another #TeamOrjan studio session?
Ø:”Hey Laszlo and thanks for the question! As soon as time allows it basically. Right now, it looks like sometime in the winter, but rest assured, I’ll make it worth the wait and it WILL come!“

Cécile  - @DectbatWhat were you promised to be if you were not supposed to be a DJ?
Ø:”Hi Cécile! Well, I was originally supposed to be a pilot or an Air traffic controller! At some point I was also thinking about studying medicine, but my brother was sick a lot and spend a lot of time in the hospital, so I kinda got sick of it all..”

Gilbert – @gilbertmcWhat’s going on in Orjan’s brain when he is in the studio?
Ø:”Hi Gilbert, nice seeing you at Tomorrowland and thanks for being such a loyal fan! Well, it’s hard to say, but I think some sort of modulation knobs are turned on in my brain and usually something I like comes out! I can honestly say, I have no idea what will come to life when I go into my studio!”

Ghaith Bani - @GhaithBaniWill u ever make something like ‘Legions’ again?!
Ø:”Hey Ghaith! Well, I’ve already made one so I probably won’t make something exactly like that again no, BUT!! having said that melody- wise most certainly!”

Local Heroes – @L_H_Music: What’s your favorite musical tool to use in the studio?
Ø:”Hi there local heroes..? hehe, good name! Well, for production Cubase and FL Studio are essential to me, always have and probably always will. When it comes to synths Access Virus TI2, Massive and Sylenth are my go to VST’s!“

Eric Murphy – @DINGLENAPPER: Who inspired you from the start?
Ø:”Hi Eric! Well, the usual suspects really, even though music has always been in my blood as I have a very musical family, the ones who really got me kicked off on trance and club music had to be these: Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Tiësto, M.I.K.E./Push, Rank1 and Mauro Picotto!“

Luca Primorac - @LucaPrimorac: Where did you and @arminvanbuuren first meet?
Ø:”Hi Luca! First time I met Armin was on Queensday 2006 in Amsterdam! It was an Armada Night at Heineken Music Hall! Will never forget that day!”

Bogdan Cristian – @bakari999Which song on the album is your personal favourite?
Ø: Hello Bogdan! Well basically all of them, haha! They are all my favorites and that’s why they’re on my album. I do have to say that This Traktor and Mafioso (as I do like the dark ones) has served me well on the dancefloor. But yea, I LOVE EM ALL!! :D ”

Ø:”Oh, and a small note to my #TeamOrjan, thank you so much for your questions and for being with me through thick and thin, love you!”

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