The many faces of… Orjan Nilsen

June 13th, 2013

So you thought it couldn’t get any more diverse than this? You thought wrong. There’s an endless stream of diversity flowing through Ørjan Nilsen’s creative mind. At the final stages of his second artist album, with his latest tune ‘Violetta’ rocking the Beatport Trance #1 for the 4th consecutive week, the Norwegian producer took some time to explain his new work of musical art. “I think it was about time I showed another side of myself, a side I’ve been wanting to unleash for quite some time now!”

Wow, 4 weeks of #1 on the Beatport Trance Chart for ‘Violetta’! We don’t need to ask you how you’re doing, right?
Orjan:”Haha, I reckon the answer for that’s quite obvious! Incredible seeing all the support both from fans and fellow DJs/producers! So yeah, a VERY happy camper at the moment! ;)”

Is this #TeamOrjan on the job, or just a quality tune ending up where it’s supposed to be?
Orjan:”Probably a bit of both (I hope..) but one thing’s for certain and that is that #TeamOrjan never fails, so proud of having such a loyal and strong fan-base!”

‘Violetta’ is the second single of your upcoming artist album. We’re so excited and curious! How far along is the follow-up to ‘In My Opinion’?
Orjan:”: I’m very excited as well and a bit nervous too.. I would say about a week more of hard and productive work, and the new album will be done! :D”

Can you reveal any collaborations yet? Ticked a few boxes on your wish list?
Orjan:”: Hm.. I wish I could, but I’ll keep that one a bit of a secret still. ;)”

What’s going to make your second album different from ‘IMO’? What will be the big surprise, the Ørjan we haven’t seen/heard yet?
Orjan:”Well the first album didn’t have much vocals or what you would call, floorfillers. I think it was about time I showed another side of myself, a side I’ve been wanting to unleash for quite some time now! I would say that 98% of the album can be played live, which is quite different from that last album I had.“

Creating a new album always makes you reflect upon previous work. Looking back upon ‘IMO’ and past singles, what ‘s the first thought coming to mind?
Orjan:”I look back at IMO with pride, an album that set up my future as a producer, but also how much I’ve grown in the past couple of years!”

What’s going to happen in-between the album release and ‘Violetta’? What’s the next teaser going to be?
Orjan:”Funny you should ask as I’ve just released a little teaser/preview of a track that DEFINITELY is one of my own personal favorites. One that is called ‘XIING’! Premiered it at ASOT in Den Bosch a couple of months ago and it has really caused a stir around club-land, which I’m VERY happy to see!”

In between gigs and producing your album, you’re always busy remixing as well. To which tracks are you adding the Ørjan touch?
Orjan:”Well right now I’m not taking any more remix duties, for obvious reasons (Album has top priority at this point) but I’m already thinking of a couple of tracks that could be fun to work with post-album. ;)”

Which tracks have been the solid favourites in your sets these days? Any secret anthem you use to get the crowd fired up?
Orjan:”Oh yes, def have a few of those! One is actually another track from the album (which I’m not gonna reveal yet, sorry..) and Axwell’s ‘Center Of The Universe‘ is definitely always in there! Although tracks that always works, no matter what crowd or country is the W&W remix of Armin’s ‘This Is What IT Feels Like‘ and Mark Sixma’s Requiem! Really amazing tunes!!”

A few days ago, you’ve played the Armada Night as part of the Monday Bar Cruise from Stockholm to Riga. Crazy times, we reckon?
Orjan:”I LOVE that cruise!! There’s such a special vibe to it and the fact that I can use the phrase ‘I’m on a boat..‘ makes it even cooler!! I think I posted a pic of that night on Instagram, MAD TIMES!! So, the summer’s just around the corner and you’re invited to many of its celebrations!”

What does your flight plan for the next coming weeks look like?
Orjan:”It looks like a regular calendar, that’s how busy it is, and I LOVE IT!! Visiting all these countries and festivals, meeting all those people.. Absolutely insane, it really is a VERY special kinda lifestyle..”

Last one. Best summer feeling?
Orjan:”Got two of those, which is quite different.. 1.When sitting in Ibiza with a Mojito in your hand waiting for the sun to set 2.When being back home in Kirkenes BBQ’ing on the lawn while my daughter plays in the garden. This one, is definitely summer for me!”

Get ‘Violetta’ on Beatport, iTunes or check it out on Spotify!