Mike Foyle and Signalrunners – Love Theme Dusk

May 5th, 2013

Its pounding bass has shattered the arena’s and clubs all around the globe. It’s spine-tingling piano still lingers in the minds of millions. Like a colourful sunrise on a warm summer day, Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunner’s ‘Love Theme Dusk’ rushed in, 8 years ago. To make sure its beauty doesn’t fade, we named it our Classic of the Week!

Hammered by the big jocks, with Armin van Buuren using it as his opening track in the summer of 2005 at nearly every gig. Only shortly after its premiere on A State of Trance, it became a favourite of the mass. And for good reason. A collaboration of UK producer Mike Foyle and Scotsman Alan Nimmo & US producer Andrew Bayer under their Signalrunners alias, it made a perfect fusion of classical and Electronic Dance Music. It became the kick-start to Mike Foyle’s career, who later blessed us with ‘Shipwrecked’, ‘Firefly’ and ‘Pandora’. He remembers it quite well…

Mike:“This track is very nostalgic for me! Back when ‘Love Theme Dusk’ was becoming popular, just before it was released, it was a very exciting time for me. I remember one particular time when I was at Turnmills in London with my friends, and Armin played ‘Love Theme Dusk’ and people went absolutely wild! Loads of hands in the air and screaming and shouting, it was amazing and I was still quite new to it all, so not the kind of thing I had encountered many times before. It was one of those perfect moments in life… an extremely memorable experience for me, and one that will stick with me forever.”

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