Classic of the Week: Solarstone & Scott Bond – Naked Angel

February 10th, 2013

Some tracks imply withstand the test of time. Others will continue to move you, long after you first heard them. ‘Naked Angel’ is one of them. Fragile and emotion, yet powerful and sparkling. When Solarstone and Scott Bond created this one in 2004, a future classic was born.

Richard Mowatt and Scott Bond are two UK producers, responsible for more than one classic. Last week, we released brand new remixes of their classic ‘3rd Earth’, this week we name their ‘Naked Angel’ our classic of the week! And for good reason. Its deep, acid swirls will send you off to a dream state. Its warm break awakens. The sharp, high vocals take you right back to the dance floor, to those magical moments of long, long ago…

Check out ‘Naked Angel’ on the A State of Trance Classics Vol.7  album!