Classic of the Week: Rank 1 – Airwave

Classic of the Week: Rank 1 – Airwave

February 24th, 2013

It is named the number one classic in the Trance Top 1000 voting of 2011. And for good reason. It’s sweeping, warm-flowing synths. Its strong build-up and powerful break. Its perfect hands-in-the-air and close-your-eyes sound. There’s many things we could say about the classic that is ‘Rank 1 – Airwave’, but it really is best if you feel it!

This 1999 classic comes from the hands of Dutch duo Benno de Goeij and Piet Bervoets. Together, they’re Rank 1, and they’re responsible for many of trance’s legendary classics. What about ‘Such is Life’? Or ‘Awakening’? ‘Beats @ Rank1DotCom’ perhaps? ‘L.E.D. There Be Light’ is another. Rank 1 are the masterminds behind many anthems and unforgettable highlights. They’ve built a significant sound that has often been copied but never surpassed.

‘Airwave’ is the perfect example of that. It reached #10 in the UK Singles Chart and #25 in the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Re-released as a vocal tune in 2003 under the name of ‘Breathing’, it continues to move today’s EDM crowd and lives on in the hearts of those who’ve fallen in love with it.

Rank 1 will be one of the names providing a mix for the upcoming ASOT600 album, so keep an eye on the website! To enjoy your trip back in time, head off to the Trance Top 1000 Spotify playlist.

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