Antillas: “EDM is finally getting its well-deserved space!”

January 8th, 2013

When you live to the rhythm of EDM, 2 decades can go by in a flash. But if there’s one thing that Italian producer/DJ Luca Moretti has learned, it’s to live for the moment and enjoy whatever crosses his path. To great success, because it has brought his Antillas project all the way here. Today, he’s one of the most requested remixers, looks back upon building the successful Plus 39 label group and is finalizing his new artist album. His secret? Antillas:”I really love traveling, tasting different tastes, talking to people, taking in different sights and life habits and most of all, observing and learning from everything that makes us unique yet at the same time better, richer people. I think the same applies to music.” We hook up with the charismatic Italian and ask him all about his resolutions, the upcoming album and the EDM scene in general!

Hey Luca! Happy New Year! Made it through the holidays?
Antillas:”Happy New Year to you! I survived all the family meals and even managed to sneak in a quick trip to Paris so I definitely enjoyed my break!”

We definitely made it past December 21st! Were you hiding in the basement for ‘the world’s end’?
Antillas:”Haha! Not at all – I have never believed in conspiracy theories and such…plus, what’s the point in hiding in your basement? I actually spent my day working on new music for 2013.”

So, how many new year’s resolutions did you break so far?
Antillas:”I try not to make promises I know I can’t keep, so I steer as clear as possible from NYE resolutions. I would however like to have the time to take the running and swimming up a notch this year along with healthy eating and with overall being more in touch with nature. Let’s see how I do, after all the year has just begun!”

2012 has treated you well! What was your absolute highlight of the past 12 months?
Antillas:”2012 has indeed been a great year, and professionally-wise it’s impossible to pick one single highlight – I’ve had the chance to DJ at awesome events, to remix massive tracks from Artists I deeply respect and to also successfully release a couple tracks myself so the whole year has been an incredible journey. On the other hand and on a more personal level my peak of 2012 was undoubtedly getting married in Vegas and celebrating with an intense 5k miles road trip – it’s been like jamming 25 holidays in one and I loved experiencing such diverse places, people and things. After all, I have always been a curious person with a taste for different things as I think you can hear in my music.”

‘Damaged’ ft. Fiora turned into a massive hit! What will be your big one for 2013?
Antillas:”I am so happy and humbled by Damaged’s success – it was supported by the world’s top DJ’s in so many genres and that helped me reach a much wider target that I had expected. All the elements were actually boding well – we had a great video, Fiora’s incredible vocals, a hard-working team behind it all and it’s been fun from the very beginning. And there’s so much in store for 2013! There’s some solid tracks as possible singles from my upcoming album via Armada, but we’re still unsure what to release and in what order. I’ll do my best to surprise you!”

Being in music industry for more than 20 years, what’s your current view on today’s EDM scene? Is it getting too big, too commercial? Do you applaud the genre-fading sound that rules now?
Antillas:”It is true that I’ve been in the industry for 20 years, but you have to consider that nowadays, things happen so fast that from one year to another everything you thought you knew is old news. That’s why I have always been an advocate of keeping an open mind and open ears, of building one’s own culture, of listening to the fans and to the music/entertainment business professionals. I think EDM has been growing so much lately just because it is finally getting its well-deserved space, just like rock or hip hop for example. As for the ‘commercial’ part, I think this is really a personal point of view depending on what one grew up listening to and on what genre one is a fan of. On the other hand, some genres which used to be labelled as ‘niche’, ‘underground’ or ‘club’ are now doing nicely as well. People are now free from what traditional channels used to force upon them and finally have full power to choose what they really like and to make it. As for me, I just love genres cross-fading….so bring it on!”

Speaking of which – it’s always been hard to pin down your sound. Now that you’ve got an album coming up for us, will you show all facades of the Antillas sound?
Antillas:”I really hope that the album reflects all of my different sides as a producer, overall artist and man. Throughout my career, I’ve had the chance to successfully work with top artists from the most different and unexpected genres (from trance to hip hop, from two-step to house to pop) and I honestly think it would be a crime not to put everything I’ve learnt to use in my music. As I told you earlier, I really love traveling, tasting different tastes, talking to people, taking in different sights and life habits and most of all, observing and learning from everything that makes us unique yet at the same time better, richer people. I think the same applies to music. To reflect this, many of the album tracks are also the result of collaborations with artists from all over the world, each with their own background and take on things, and this is definitely something I tried to build on and to transpose into the album. I really like how EDM can express a wide range of feelings and moods yet staying true to its roots and hopefully this will come across in every track.”

How far along is it, actually? Any clue when we can expect to hear it?
Antillas:”I am quite happy with where I am with the album and am wrapping the last tracks. So, I’d say you can expect it anytime starting March.”

You’ve just released your new collab with Dankann, the big-room tune of ‘Evolution’. What makes collaborating with Dankann work so well?
Antillas:”Despite being quite different from each other, having grown up in different places and at different times, using different software and both having their own distinctive style, Dankann and myself speak the same language when it comes to overall taste and creativity and actually use our differences to complete each other. Working together is always easy and fun, making our job together what music is supposed to be about: feeling good and sharing that feeling.”

Gig-wise, 2013 makes up some big promises. One of them is the ASOT 600 gig in Lebanon. What other big festivals or events are ahead?
Antillas:”I am so looking forward to ASOT in Beirut, and am also thrilled to be performing at Ultra Music Festival in Buenos Aires in late February.  Plus, I have never been to either city and can’t honestly wait to catch in the sights!”

Then, last but not least, what are you mostly looking forward to for this year?
Antillas:”I am looking forward to good new music, enjoying life and unexpected things! Simple things, maybe, but I never take anything for granted.”

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