W&W: “Our focus will always be on the future!”

W&W: “Our focus will always be on the future!”

December 17th, 2012

Reflecting upon the past 12 months of W&W, it’s best if you wear shades. You’ll find nothing but highlights. From the launch of their very own Mainstage Recordings to the skyhigh Beatport chart position of their latest offer ‘Lift Off!’. From producing the official anthem to the A State of Trance 550 world tour to making the rise to being #25 in the DJ Mag Top 100. Playing at the world’s biggest stages of festivals and clubs is only just part of the success story that surrounds Dutch duo W&W. We hooked up with Willem and Ward to reflect to 2012 and get to know their expectations for 2013. And those, we can tell you, are high!

Hey guys! What’s up? Having a busy last month of the year?
W&W:”Everything is great! December is always very busy, we’re doing a lot of gigs this month and we just released our latest single ‘Lift Off’.”

2012 has been one big roller coaster ride of highlights for you guys! Are there any moments you two stop and realize what’s going on around W&W?
W&W:”Of course, when we have some spare time! Sometimes it’s good to look back in the past and on everything that has happened, as long as you don’t get stuck in there. Our focus will always be on the future!”

This month, it’s all about ‘Lift Off!’, what a belter of a tune! Do you think W&W is able to create anything that isn’t massive & big-room?
W&W:”Haha, sometimes we try to produce something more relaxed but we always tend to think about the dance floor while producing. So maybe that’s why everything is quite big-roomish.”

Armin played Lift Off three times on ASOT! How are your feelings the way it has been picked up in general?
W&W:”Amazing! Before a track gets released we’re always a bit nervous about how the reactions are going to be. We couldn’t wish for better feedback though, of course Armin played it three times in ASOT which is awesome, also Hardwell picked it up and a lot more huge DJ’s are playing it. The reactions from people that we get on our social media are also fantastic!”

Despite often being named in the trance corner, the W&W sound stretches far beyond just trance. However, do you both still feel at home in trance?
W&W:”Trance is definitely still the main influence in our music, but we don’t want to limit ourselves to just 1 particular sound. So we try to gather the best of other genres, put that into a big blender and that’s how you get our sound.”

We heard about plans of creating a follow-up to ‘Nowhere To Go’, a vocal tune?
W&W:”Yes that’s right; we’re busy with a couple of projects for vocal tunes. There is nothing confirmed yet but we hope to finish something as soon as possible.”

Any chance of a follow-up to the ‘Impact’ album coming up in 2013?
W&W:”We are playing with the idea of possibly doing a follow up of the Impact album. Right now we’re just making a lot of new music and later on we’ll see what to do with it.”

A few weeks back, after filling in visa forms, you realized you’ve been to 46 different countries in the last 2 years. What countries didn’t you two play at and where would you still want to play?
W&W:”We’ve never been to Japan, Brazil, India & South Africa, those are some of the countries we definitely want to visit and play at some day!”

Two of the biggest gigs scheduled for 2013, are ASOT 600 in Mexico and Kuala Lumpur! Big news, guys!?
W&W:”Indeed it is! We’re very happy and excited to be part of the ASOT events again. Previous years were always beyond amazing so we expect nothing less next year!”

Where can we catch you guys playing in these last few weeks of 2012?
W&W:”We just returned from South Africa for 2 amazing gigs; in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This weekend, it’s 2 gigs in the UK; Birmingham and Glasgow. From there we’re going to India for the Sunburn Festival in Goa, and we’re closing the year down with two NYE gigs in Oakland and Seattle.”

The Mainstage label is doing great business! What can we expect from the label in 2013?
W&W:”Well first up is a new release from Husman. We’re very picky when it comes to releases on Mainstage, we want every track to really stand out. But we’re always on the look for new talent so every demo is more than welcome!”

And last but not least, what’s the W&W new year’s resolution for 2013?
W&W:”To continue on this path and to make even more music than last year!

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