Music Videos Top 12 of 2012 – July: ‘Caught’

December 26th, 2012

“Just let it rain, let the world rain down on me. Take me away to a place I’m feeling free. Lost in your eyes, melt by your smile. It’s what I wanna be, what I wanna feel. Feels like home to me. In your lies I am caught.”

Premiered at the New York edition of the Electric Daisy Carnival, Markus Schulz revealed one of the biggest singles of his latest ‘Scream’ album. Teaming up with the talented and sexy songstress Adina Butar, ‘Caught’ became the object of affection to ten-thousands of EDM lovers. A grand success, haunting the mind with its catchy hook and bursting with energy. The music video is most certainly a tease to the eye, making a perfect fit to the single. And that’s exactly why it’s our hot pick for July 2012: ‘Markus Schulz ft. Adina Butar – Caught’!