Music Videos Top 12 of 2012 – January: ‘Colours’

December 20th, 2012

“All the Colours that you bring, all come rushing back again. All the places that we’ve been this time…All the people that you knew, they’ll come running back to you. All the faces that we’ve seen, this life…”

The rising star of Emma Hewitt has come to shine brighter and brighter. This year, she gave us her debut album, the stunning ‘Burn The Sky Down’. Enchanting us with her voice and incredible song writing skills, she chose the incredible ‘Colours’ as the first single of the album. ‘Colours’ lit the souls of thousands, not only in its original version, but also through the remixes by Armin van Buuren and Jerome Isma-Ae. A beautiful piece of music deserves a beautiful music video. So here it is, our highlight of January 2012: the music video of Emma Hewitt’s ‘Colours’!