Music Videos Top 12 of 2012 – December: ‘Nothing Without Me’

December 31st, 2012

“I’m the bad, I’m the waterfall in your head. I’m the know it all, I will never leave you alone. Cause you know, you know we belong together. And we’re only strong together, you are nothing without me.”

That deep, dark bass, driven by melody. Those haunting vocals. With ‘Nothing Without Me’, Markus Schulz releases another winner. As the fifth single to his ‘Scream’ album, this collaboration with Swedish songstress Ana Diaz is bound to get stuck in your head. You’ll find yourself singing this one hours after you’ve last heard it. ‘Nothing Without Me’ becomes an addiction, and that’s exactly what the official music video is about.

With its stalker themed video, ‘Nothing Without Me’ will be keeping you awake and light the dance floors through Christmas and beyond! Enjoy our final favourite of the Music Videos Top 12 of 2012! Enjoy ‘Markus Schulz ft. Ana Diaz – Nothing Without Me’ and have an incredible New Year’s Eve!