Music Videos Top 12 of 2012 – August: ‘Like Spinning Plates’

December 27th, 2012

“And this just feels like spinning plates. I am living in cloud cuckoo land. And this just feels like spinning plates…our bodies floating down the muddy river.”

Whenever Dash Berlin and Emma Hewitt join forces in the studio, something special happens. They share a musical connection, as heard on the IDMA winning ‘Waiting’, ‘Disarm Yourself’ and our August pick, ‘Like Spinning Plates’. The latter is our pick for August 2012 in the Music Videos Top 12. Not only because of its eerie, deep and mesmerizing sound, but also since the music video perfectly complements the tune.

One big mystery and technical trickery, the music video is a real treat for both the ears and eyes. Featuring the beautiful Emma Hewitt, you just can’t go wrong. Enjoy our August highlight:
‘Dash Berlin ft. Emma Hewitt – Like Spinning Plates’.