Daleri: “We always aim high!”

December 11th, 2012

A new generation of EDM producers has landed. Part of the upcoming movement that doesn’t let itself be limited by merely one sound or style, we find the Daleri duo. Swedish producers Eric Kvarnström and Robert Kanat aren’t afraid of a bit of experimenting, resulting in feel-good highlights ‘Touché’ and ‘En Route’. Playful, funky and energetic, their tunes are perfectly at home at the hot and happening Trice Recordings. Time to get to know the boys, and help us live up to their new year’s resolution. Daleri:“If we reach the #1 spot on the Beatport chart during 2013, we will jump naked into Stockholm’s Sergels Torg fountain!”

Hi guys! What’s up? How are you two doing and where can we find you?
Daleri:”Hey friends! It’s all good here. Right now we are in the middle of Sweden, far down in a basement working on new bangers!”

Congrats on the success of ‘En Route’! A dream come true, we reckon?
Daleri:”Thank you! It feels like we have reached one of our goals, we are both very competitive and always aim high. We are not afraid to do unexpected things!”

It seems you guys are perfectly at home at Trice Recordings! Does it also feel like that to you two?
Daleri:”It has been very good with Trice ever since the first contact. It is not just a record label for us, but also a place where we can bounce our crazy ideas.”

For those that haven’t been introduced to Daleri – what’s Daleri about and how did the project start?
Daleri:”Daleri consists of Eric and Robert and it’s all about the love for powerful music and the energy it creates. Daleri was started as an output channel for our creativity, we had created lots of material but only a few friends had ever heard it. One of those friends was Andreas, who thought that our songs deserved a larger audience and wanted to help us reach out. We teamed up under the name Daleri to try to bring our music out to the world.”

So Daleri kicked off as a trio. Why did Andreas step out and what’s his current role in the Daleri project?
Daleri:”After our first release for Trice Recordings in September this year, we realized that Daleri could grow into something that would require a lot of time and effort. We are ready to work hard to establish Daleri on the international music scene, but Andreas has other priorities such as family and work. When he had reached his target of helping us get started, he stepped back to allow us to move forward in whatever way we wanted. He is still around, helping out with various things that are not related to music production, such as managing our online presence (domain and website, Facebook page etc.), although outside the Daleri project itself.”

What about the DJ part of Daleri? Have you guys already made some name in home country Sweden?
Daleri:”Our focus has been to DJ outside of Sweden initially. The EDM culture is a bit different here compared to the U.S., the Netherlands, Spain and other countries…But when the time comes, we are looking forward to play in Sweden as well.”


It all started with Touché, picked up and supported by Axwell, W&W, Hardwell and many more. Was ‘Touché’ the first tune you were confident about to grow into a success?
Daleri:”’Touché!’ was a song that went through a number of different versions before we were really pleased. It is always difficult to know how a song will be received, but we felt that it had something special that could get a large dance floor to explode.”

The follow-up, ‘En Route’ is definitely making waves! Is there a particular story behind that one?
Daleri:”There are always songs that mean a little extra and ‘En Route’ is one of them. ‘En Route’ was the beginning of our journey, and actually the first Daleri song that Trice Recordings heard.”

It’s got a great, creative music video! How did you guys come up with that idea?
Daleri:”We have a very good friend, Simon, who is a young talented Swedish director. We asked him if we could do something fun with ‘En Route’. As I said, we are not afraid to do unexpected things, which can be seen in the video, haha! The idea was to do something crazy, and I think we succeeded!”

And what about the cardboard decks, made all by yourself?
Daleri:”Cardboard? Someone said this was the latest version of the ‘Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus’ with sync button and everything… Oh no!”

This may be news to some, but there’s actually a vocal version of ‘En Route’ coming up, ‘Somebody Told Me’, featuring vocals by Dutch singer VICE! What can you tell us about it and when is it coming?
Daleri:”Yes, we are very excited about that one. If ‘En Route’ was the club killer, this one will be the radio killer. It was an honour to work with the guys behind the vocals. It is set for release on Beatport on December 31st!”

We’re pretty sure you guys aren’t resting on your laurels! Is the follow-up already in the making?
Daleri:”You know us all too well already!”

Then..last but not least: what’s Daleri’s new year’s resolution?
Daleri:”If we reach the #1 spot on the Beatport chart during 2013, we will jump naked into the fountain at Sergels Torg in Stockholm, Sweden (and probably get arrested as a bonus). It’ll be free to join us. Are you ready? ;)”

Check out the official music video of ‘En Route’ on YouTube!