Orjan Nilsen: “I’m suffering from producer ADHD!”

November 19th, 2012

He’s the king of big-room. The royal servant of his own need to make the bass go boom. And a true master in producing music that stretches far beyond any limit, eclectic and open-minded. Ørjan Nilsen is a man that doesn’t let himself be tamed by other people’s opinions. And thank god for that. Because where would the trance scene be without the sounds of ‘La Guitarra’, ‘Between The Rays’ and ‘Endymion’? Hot off the release of his latest work of magic, the illustrious ‘Copperfield’, we hooked up with the Norwegian producer, and asked him all about his quick rise to fame, personal growth and his relentless energy vs getting older…

Hi Ørjan! What’s up? Surviving cold winter up there in Norway?
Ørjan:”Hi there! Haha yeah, just barely, thank God for touring to warmer places!”

Congrats on the success of ‘Copperfield’, it’s been rocking the Beatport Trance Chart’s #1 for days already! Guess it has the ‘magic’ touch huh? ;)
Ørjan:”Yeah, it does look like it doesn’t it? Never seen so much attention around a track of mine before, absolutely amazing!! Had so much fun making it, didn’t follow any recipe, just was in a playful mood!”

These past 11 months, you’ve released nothing but BIG anthems! Is that your aim for now, or was it simply what needed to get out of your system?
Ørjan:”Well thanks for that, and.. the mind wants what it wants! I never know what comes out when I sit down in the studio, so everything comes down to state of mind I guess! Seeing as I’m entering dark times up here, it might be some dark melodies ahead!”

What about the follow-up? Knowing you, you’ve got plenty of tracks laying around! A new DJ Governor as well, perhaps?
Ørjan:”Follow up already done!! But yeah, I’m suffering from producer ADHD so I be jumping and making new tracks all the time, and for those waiting for DJ Governor? Hehehe, yup it’s definitely coming VERY soon!”

A while back, you posted a Facebook statement about your so-called change of sound, saying: ”For me, it’s still trance in a new coat! I will ALWAYS continue to re-new myself, doing different things. I WANT to do different things!” Did you receive that much criticism?
Ørjan:”Well, I wouldn’t say criticism, I would say it was more like ‘guidelines’ from some die-hard fans which kinda brought me to the point of my little outburst! I understand some peoples concern, but there really isn’t anything to be concerned about! For those who know me and have followed me throughout the years know I can’t be limited in any way. If I were, there would never have been tracks like ‘Between The Rays’, ‘So Long Radio’, ‘La Guitarra’, ‘The Mule’ etc. etc. I just felt it was time to let the public know I’m aaall about doing whatever I want at any given time! I had ALOT of positive response on it so I can’t complain!”

“Don’t keep us larvae’s, make us blossom!”, was another one of your points. Which areas of music would you still want to explore in the near future?
Ørjan:”For me? Music is the last pioneer, there won’t be ANY restricted areas in music for me!! I got the VIP wristband, the ALL ACCESS card in music I would say!”

We heard rumours about you working on a compilation album, how is that one coming along? Anything you can reveal yet?
Ørjan:”Well, I can reveal one thing, and that’s two things: It will be big and it will contain some pretty special material!”

You’re absolutely on fire lately, ending up on DJ Mag’s #32 in the Top 100 and playing the world’s biggest stages. What keeps your feet on the ground?
Ørjan:”…sub-zero temperatures, having my studio in my grandma’s basement (would keep ANYONE on the ground, she can be a harsh critic at times..) being a dad and just in general realizing that, you really are the same person you were to begin with, just a bit more confident in your work.”

It might still be hiding under that baby face, but you’ve actually turned 30 this year! How are you handling the long nights and jet lags now?
Ørjan:”Well, so far my face doesn’t seem to be affected, but I can tell ya, my body lets me know I’m not 20 anymore. The days get longer and the mornings… Oh God the mornings.. They feel absolutely horrible at times.. But as soon as I hit the stage? I’m a 18 year old testosterone bomb waiting to party!!”

Earlier this year, you were preparing to set up a new radio show/podcast! What’s the status on that?
Ørjan:”Well, took a lot longer than expected, but what is forged well is usually not forged in a hurry.”

Last but not least, where can we catch you rocking the decks these coming weeks?
Ørjan:”Australia, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Indonesia, England and sooo many more!! CAN HARDLY WAIT!!”

We asked our Armada Twitter followers if they had any questions, and they sure did, so here’s an extra set of want-to-knows!

Nina Lee: what/who influences you? Orjan’s always producing pumping tracks like The Mule, Filthy Fandango, Copperfield etc?! It’s amazing!
Ørjan:”Hi Nina! Well, for the banging ones, it’s mostly you guys, my fans and your reaction when I’m playing tracks like that! The feeling you get from watching thousands of people jumping and going crazy to something I’ve created.. Absolutely stunning feeling!”

Jaehong Min: Do you have a second artist album coming up?
Ørjan:”Hey Jaehong! OH YES!!! Already started on it, will see the light of day around the time the midnight sun shines the brightest!”

Warren Parnell: How excited are you for Australia Stereosonic tour!?
Ørjan:”Well Warren, let’s put it like this: I’m just about as eager as a teenager going on vacation abroad for the first time! I LOVE Australia and have a lot of friends over there! Gonna be one HELL of a time!! :D”

DJ Dan Perrelli: does he do birthday parties?
Ørjan:”Yo Dan! I used to play x-mas parties, weddings and birthday parties when I started DJ’ing and I have to admit.. There’s no tougher crowd than a crowd which spans from infants to old schools! BUT, I’m never gonna say never, I like birthday parties, as I’ve had a few myself! 30 to be exact!“

kelvinsu: What’s your top song for 2012?
Ørjan:”Omg, waaay too many tracks to choose from but there’s been a few tracks this year that haven’t left my sets! I think except for my own track ‘Endymion’ the most played tracks which I’ve loved the most has to be ‘Shotgun’ by W&W and ‘Gareth Emery ft. Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel’! Another track that NEVER fails is Leon Bolier – US! Thanks for the questions guys!! Was fun!”