Omnia:”It’s a great journey for me!”

November 12th, 2012

The creator of arguably the biggest trance track of 2012. A man, known for his very own, energetic sound. One of the fastest rising talents today. We’re talking about Ukrainian producer/DJ Omnia. To celebrate the release of his latest track, the banging ‘Infina’, we hooked up with this young talent and asked him all about his expectations for the future!

Hi Evgeny, how are you and where can we find you today?
Omnia:”Hi! Thanks I’m fine! I’ve just come back home after an amazing weekend in Moscow & Saint-Petersburg at the Trancemission festival with Dash Berlin, W&W, Richard Durand & DJ Feel. And next weekend I will be playing in Bucharest, Romania & Kiev, Ukraine. So right now I have few days in my studio.”

Congrats on the #58 entry in the DJ Mag Top 100! Ever thought you would make it that high?
Omnia:”Thanks! It was a big surprise for me actually!  Didn’t expect that so many people would vote for me. It gives me strength to move on now! And I want to thank everybody who supported me!”

2012 has definitely been your big break-through year! What’s your secret, you think?
Omnia:”Well, I’m just trying to do my best. This year I’ve released a lot of original tracks. So it has probably helped me to show people who I am.”

Let’s go back to the early years of your career. What made you choose EDM and what drove you to start producing it yourself?
Omnia:”I’ve been involved with music from childhood. And when I first heard electronic music I knew that I’d start to create my own sound. At first it was just small passion. But in 2006 I knew I wanted to make music on a professional base. I was spending all my time in the studio, learning all technical nuances and experimenting with VSTi’s. And within one year, I released my first remix, of my friend’s track ‘In Progress – Avalanche’ which got support from Markus Schulz and Above & Beyond. After that I decided that music is what I want to do.”

What moment, or which track, was your big breakthrough, you think?
Omnia:”The remix of Armin’s ‘Never Say Never’ was a really big step for me. It helped me a lot. It was a great chance to show myself to a big audience. So that’s probably when people started talking about me.”

Remixing Armin van Buuren and being featured on ASOT has probably meant a great deal for your career as well. What was it like, to be playing at ASOT550 in your home country, after such an intense build-up?
Omnia:”I’m really thankful to Armin because of his support. ASOT is still the biggest thing in trance world, for many years already. My performance at ASOT was a dream that came true. So I was really happy! J I was a bit nervous before my set, but when I came on stage and pressed the play button all I did was enjoy the show!”

We’ve had the incredible success of ‘The Fusion’, ‘No One Home’, ‘Halo’ and now ‘Infina’. Your productions are literally on fire this year! Are we right to say you have absolutely found your groove & sound?
Omnia:”I like to experiment and move on every time. So I don’t know what my tracks will sound like in 2 years. I’m really happy about the success of my tunes, but it’s really difficult to predict the success of a song when I’m writing it. I’m just doing what I love and this is still great journey for me!”

Each of your tracks has that melodramatic atmosphere. What else defines or describes your sound – what is typically Omnia?
Omnia:”I love to use strong melodies and vocals, also I can spend a lot of time working on small details, like vocal chops or some unique samples. Also I’m always trying to create a deep breakdown and epic climax. But the most important thing is to find something that touches the heart of the listener.”

Last year, you also released an E.P. under your Ain Mo moniker. Will we be hearing more of that project?
Omnia:”It was just an unusual sound for me, so I’ve decided to release it under alternative alias. But today I’m trying to focus on the Omnia moniker only, no matter what the sound is like.”

‘The Fusion’ is often referred to as ‘THE track of the year 2012’. What is your personal track of the year 2012?
Omnia:”Well I think the most played tunes in my sets this year was ‘The Saga’ by Gareth Emery and of course ‘The Fusion’ is the most expected tune in my sets, haha! But I’m listening to different music every day. Not just trance or EDM. So honestly, it is hard to choose only one tune.”

Now, on to the future! What’s coming up in the next few months? Is there an Omnia album in sight, perhaps?
Omnia:”I’m gonna continue to release original tracks. Just got an email from Armada about signing a new one. Also, there’s a collaboration with Ashley Wallbridge coming soon and a few vocal tracks. I actually think that next year is gonna be even much successfully with tracks than 2012. I have a lot of tracks in progress…“

Any gigs or festivals we should know about – where can we see you?
Omnia:”Well I’m gonna play my set this week in Bucharest, Romania. And next week Godskitchen in Birmingham, UK. Also can’t for my gig with Armin van Buuren in Lviv on 14th December and Christmas Eve in Malta!”