Classic of the week: Signum – Push Through

November 16th, 2012

Some tracks never really lose their strength. Some actually seem to ripen with time, or turn out to be timeless anthems that will always be part of your playlist. One of those, is Signum’s ‘Push Through’. One of the first releases of Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance label, it came out in 2003 and rocked the globe to its very core. Leaving footprints in trance history, it has grown out to be one of the most powerful classics. And that’s exactly why it’s our Classic of the Week!

Signum, an old project of Ron Hagen and Pascal Minnaard, is responsible for multiple classics, but ‘Push Through’ is arguably the biggest. Ron & Pascal:”Back then, we just got our new studio pc and the new Cubase and Reason, and ‘Push Through’ was the first track we’ve made with that setup. The new setup and first time working on the pc gave us loads of inspiration. Pascal came up with the main riff and from there on we started building everything around it. And eventually it became one of those tracks, where everything was just right, sound wise. Every sound that was used suited so well! You just don’t get that a lot.”

You sure don’t! That melody, the impact, its mind-blowing sound..’Push Through’ lives on to this very day, and will surely remain one of the highlights of trance for many more years to come. Take a trip down memory lane and check out ‘Push Through’ on Spotify!