Andy Moor keeps on the move

November 1st, 2012

When you’re a born perfectionist such as Andy Moor, your music is never really finished. Constantly on the look-out for the perfect melody, weeks after his debut album ‘Zero Point One’ was released, he’s already started a new, musical journey. No rest for the wicked. Hot off his new single ‘Trespass’ ft. Sue McLaren, we hooked up with the driven producer and DJ.

Hi Andy, what’s up? How are you doing and where can we find you today?
Andy:”Hey, I’m good thank you! I’m currently in Argentina waiting to board my next flight, which happens to be delayed giving me more time to complete this interview.”

Congrats on your #87 position in the DJ Mag! It’s a big accomplishment to still be part of the Top 100 after so many years! How does it feel, knowing that thousands of people have voted for you?
Andy:”I’m glad to be a part of it, but the most important thing is that people are still enjoying the music and the shows.”

We caught you in the middle of the extensive album tour of ‘Zero Point One’, that’ll take you to Argentina, Mexico, India, Hong Kong and many other places. Still getting any rest?
Andy:”I try to but I thrive on keeping on the move, keeping my mind busy and active. The travelling is great but over the years I’ve learned how to stay fresh so that I am ready to hit the studio again as soon as I get back to the UK in between gigs.”

It’s been about 4 months since ‘Zero Point One’ was released. How have the reactions been?
Andy:”Fantastic. I was hoping that people would like it and the positive response has been overwhelming. It seems to just keep snowballing on and that was one of my main intentions, to produce something that would keep people’s attention for a long time.”

Looking back upon its success, would we be right to ask you why you didn’t release an album any time sooner? Or is the timing perfect as it is?
Andy:”It was mainly due to time restrictions, along with my own production process being quite laborious. I made a lot of tunes for the album that didn’t get on there, so that wasn’t the most efficient method of album production! If I got bored of a tune before I had finished making it, then it didn’t make the album, and time went ticking by.”

Your latest single, ‘Trespass’, is doing its round in the clubs, being hammered by all the big jocks. What’s the story behind this one?
Andy:”I have worked with Sue Mclaren before on ‘Fight the Fire’ and due to the success of that tune it was only natural to work with her again. The vocal on ‘Trespass’ really hit me and I wanted to work on it with her straight away, dropping everything else. I also wanted to make a synth line to go with the vocal that was memorable and gave a nod to the Trance music of the past.”

It’s the official follow-up to ‘K TA’. You and vocal chops seem to be a match made in heaven. How did you become such a pro at this particular skill in EDM producing?
Andy:”I have no idea. Maybe in the early days I didn’t really have any inclination to contact vocalists but still wanted to use vocals in my tracks, so I used to chop them up so nobody could recognize them and make my own melodies out of the vocal sounds. Then it just stuck. I never really used to listen to the words of songs, what was important to me was how they made me feel, and creating vocals in this way represents that.”

Knowing the restless producer inside you, how long will it take until you’ve got yourself another slew of tracks ready?
Andy:”I’m in the studio as often as possible. I already have many new projects planned, next up is to release a series of EP’s, collections of 3, 4 or 5 tunes, showcasing a variety of styles in one package.”

What about remixes? It’s been a while since we’ve heard the Moor touch take over!
Andy:”Right now I am concentrating on originals as often as possible.”

We’ve heard rumours of a new edition of ‘Breaking The Silence’ coming up…tell us, is it?
Andy:”We are compiling tracks for BTS3 at the moment, hopefully this will see the light of day early next year, but as always I won’t release this until I feel it is ready to be released and the tracks are just right.”

Anything else we should know about that you’d like to share?
Andy:”Right now I am just really enjoying the music, there is some fantastic producers out there at the moment and the gigs I am playing are such a pleasure when able to use such brilliant music. It’s a great time for EDM!”

Get ‘Trespass’ on Beatport and ‘Zero Point One’ on iTunes now!