Dabruck & Klein – play it louder!

October 23rd, 2012

Working together for more than 13 years, Dabruck & Klein have been breathing EDM since building the foundations to their successful career. These beloved remixers, producers, DJ’s and label-owners have a passion for peak-time and a feel for the eclectic, big-room beat. That’s exactly what’s to be heard on their brand new ‘WePlayLouder!’ series. And that’s…exactly the reason we hooked up with the German duo for an interview!

Hey Frank  & Stefan! Congratulations on the very first volume of the WePlayLouder! series! How long have you guys had the idea in mind to start a series like this?
D&K:”Hey everybody! We had the idea to do this compilation for a long time. WePlayLouder! is the motto of our own night we are doing in Frankfurt’s Velvet club every two months and we always thought we have to do this compilation..so we are happy that it finally happened.”

We know it’s all about good music, but what else is the series about?
D&K:”It´s about the different styles of electronic music…. house , trance, progressive.. we like to mix all kind of styles. And it’s about partying, happiness, craziness etc.”

Is it going to be a yearly compilation, or is there no time restriction to it?
D&K:”It depends how many good tracks we will get together.. of course we would like to do it more often than yearly…but let’s see.”

Today’s EDM sound is literally getting louder and louder. Something you two applaud?
D&K:”There is a lot of good music out there but we really think it’s time for something new. We are on the lookout for new talent a lot, as you know we are doing our own label as well. We think it’s time for some new music. Of course there are some great artists out there, especially in house we still love Axwell, Tocadisco etc. Still big fans of Armin and Markus in trance but there is a lot of guys who are doing great stuff between the genres like Morgan Page, Tommy Trash, W&W and of course we see ourselves in between genres as well.”

Given you two have been part of the dance scene for so long, what do you think of the current EDM sound and changes that are going on in the scene? Do you embrace the eclecticism?
D&K:”Like we said before, we always have been fans of the electronic sound but we are very sure that the very harder (Let’s call it Aokistyle) will be gone soon. We think melodies will come back, big baselines etcetera, or let; s hope so. It’s not that we don’t like the sound but when you listen to the Top 20 at Beatport it all sounds exactly the same. Same build up, same break etc… booooring.. we need new music!”

It’s been nearly one year since ‘2:48 AM’ was released. Looking back upon it, how do you reflect to it now? And how have the reactions been?
D&K:”Oh we had great, great reactions and we got a lot of love for 2:48 AM. To be honest some people didn’t understand that we tried to do a mix between all kinds of genres, something only to listen at home, some more for the club. Maybe next time we would do a 100% for the floor album. But we decided to wait with another album and release some singles, remixes and focus on nice cooperation’s like we did with our friend Morgan Page.”

Fans will probably have noticed you guys also work on several solo projects. Should we be worried about Dabruck & Klein?
Frank:”No, nobody should be worried. Dabruck & Klein exists for 13 years now, we are still best friends. But Stefan decided to do some fresh new music as well.”
Stefan:”Of course when I produce Dabruck & Klein stuff, people always expect your style. I just wanted to do some music which I was really feeling at the moment. So I did ‘Bullet’ with Christian Burns and had the great chance to remix some great names like Lenny Kravitz, Nelly Furtado etc. So nobody has to be worried, but I will still do a lot Stefan Dabruck stuff in the future as well.”

Next to those solo projects, is there also another Dabruck & Klein original in the making?
D&K:”Like we said, the new Dabruck & Klein is out now! It’s  called ‘Liaison’ with our friend Morgan Page. Also we just finished an instrumental where Stella Attar is singing on it. Just also remixed the wonderful Emma Hewitt, Markus Schulz, French underground legend Sebastien Tellier and biggest Arabic pop star on earth, Khaled.”

Last but not least…we’re looking forward to a Dabruck & Klein shakedown! Where can we see you guys DJ in the near future?
D&K:”Oh, we are touring a lot at the moment. Been in Canada 2 weeks ago, last weekend Russia, of course we will be at ADE this week and heading to India next week. Also some German shows.

Hope to see you in December at our residency at Velvet.. everybody who writes us on Facebook will get guestlist…that’s a promise..see you on the dance floor!”