Classic of the Week: Origene – Sanctuary

October 28th, 2012

We go back in time, setting the date to 2003. That year, the crowds were enchanted by one track in particular. The warm and mesmerizing ‘Sanctuary’, perfectly translating what we all feel when we’re losing ourselves into the music.. this is our sanctuary.

Originally released in 2002, Australian producers Ben Grayson and Brian Canham teamed up with vocalist Matilda White. Not aware of the impact it would have, they’re surprised to still find ‘Sanctuary’ rocking the clubs today. In 2003, we released the remixes of Harry Lemon and Ivan Gough on the Bandung label, which turned ‘Sanctuary’ into an even bigger success.

As one of the strongest progressive tunes of that period, ‘Sanctuary’ stood out with its deep, pounding bass, powerful melody and heartfelt vocals. As you lose yourself into a crowd, the lights go down and there’s nothing else that matters but the music, this is the perfect tune to give into. Wanna relive that memory? Then check out this unforgettable classics in the Trance Top 1000 on Spotify!

“There is a place within all of us,
It is sacred, so free of judgement.
And this is yours to share with who you wish
This is your sanctuary…. sanctuary.”