Classic of the week: Mark Otten – So Serene

October 7th, 2012

This week, we take you back 7 years in time. Two years after the launch of Armada Music, the trance scene was still flourishing, growing more popular than ever. Part of the league of upcoming producers that time, was Mark Otten. The Dutchman had made his debut on the Armind label, hitting in with the unforgettable ‘Mushroom Therapy’ and follow-up ‘Tranquility’. He became one of the most promising names of trance and progressive, and his 2005 single ‘So Serene’ once again proved that.

The flawless, silky smooth melodic prog-trancer touched the hearts with a deep and lush piano break, rushing into everyone’s system and blowing the mind. A future classic was made. While it’s original remained on the down-tempo, ambient side of things, Dutchman Menno de Jong remixed this tender trancer to a more club-friendly tune, fitting the sets of Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz and many, many more  of the DJ top’s names.

It was Armin van Buuren himself who fell in love with the tune so much, that he made a mash-up with the stunning vocal piece of ‘Carrie Skipper – Time Goes By’. ‘Time Is Serene’ was one of those Armin mash-up’s that never left your playlist again.

7 years after Mark Otten produced ‘So Serene’, it’s still as timeless and beautiful as the first time it hit in! Want to relive those times? Check out the tune on Spotify, as part of our Trance Top 1000 playlist!