Out now: York – Islanders

September 28th, 2012

Withstanding the test of time, it’s the sounds of German producer York that will once again reign supreme. More than 20 years after he found a passion to live for, Torsten Stenzel still has the same, relentless stamina for music.  The mastermind behind classics such as ‘The Awakening’, ‘On The Beach’ and ‘Addicted’ proudly presents ‘Islanders’. The brand new York album that’ll show you that this pioneer still knows how to walk today’s musical landscape.

York was one of the first names to adopt the trance sound. In the early 90’s, he worked on projects such as Taucher, DJ Sakin & Friends and Suspicious, selling over 3 million records and earning 10 Gold and Platinum Awards with his sales. Completing his dream, was the launch of his very own Planet Love Records. Set up in 1992, it kick-started a new era for EDM and became a realm for those in search of quality music. In November 2011, Planet Love joined forces with Armada Music, offering a great opportunity for York to enjoy a fresh start. And so he did.

Riding his typical and timeless sound, known for its breath-taking melodies, deep bass and enchanting vocals, ‘Islanders’ brings out a full-colour reflection of what York is all about. A sound eclectic, touching the edges of Balearic chill-out, while moving you with slick progressive and warm, trancy beats. Taking you in and rushing over, is exactly what ‘Islanders’ does.