Classic of the week: Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down

September 2nd, 2012

He is the personal hero to many trance fans. Often called the driving force of the modern trance movement. He is Dash Berlin, and his story started in 2007…with the sound of ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’!

It was Armin van Buuren who discovered the talent of Dash Berlin. The legendary DJ featured ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ on his ‘Universal Religion Chapter 3’ compilation, turning the song into a worldwide anthem. And so, the story of Dash Berlin has begun.

The track became one of the most memorable, global anthems that year and remains one of the cultivated blueprints of the new Trance renaissance. The black & white music video that complimented the radio mix was shot in the heart of Berlin proper. The clip grew to be a genuine labor of love, using the latest in digital cinematography, and successfully avoided the typical clichés of contemporary dance music videos.

This week, we rediscover ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’, a future classic! Check it out on Spotify here!