Alexander Popov: bridging the genre gaps

September 10th, 2012

He is the chosen one to represent an ever-growing league of talented Russian producers. He is the mastermind behind feel-good tunes ‘When The Sun’, ‘My World’ and big-room weapons ‘Elegia’ and ‘Revolution In You’. He remixed the likes of Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin and Cosmic Gate. He, is Alexander Popov. And he’s just mixed the 16th volume of the Trance World series and released a new single. Soon, the world will be enjoying his debut album. But first, there’s plenty more Popov goodies to come. Read on to find out all about the rising talent!
Hey Alexander! Congrats on the release of ‘Trance World Vol. 16’!  How are you doing and where did we catch you this time?
Alexander:”Hi, thank you very much! I’m well, and now waiting for a flight from Rome to Moscow, spent a little vacation in Europe with my sweetheart.”

Another important reason to congratulate you, you recently got married! How does it feel, being a married man?
Alexander:”Yeah, I became a married man. For me it is very important step in my life, because I’m sure that the family is the most important part of life. I love my wife and I’m happy that after our few years of building a love story we have finally become a family!”

You’ve certainly been keeping yourself busy these past few months! Tell us, what have you been up to this summer?
Alexander:”I worked on my album, made some interesting tracks and a few remixes, one of them already out now, it is my remix of ‘Dash Berlin & Emma Hewitt – Like Spinning Plates’. Also some interesting collaborations in process!”

You were invited to mix the new Trance World series, a series that’s been going strong for more than 5 years. A hard task, or easy one?
Alexander:”Can’t say it was very difficult for me because I’m usually looking for new music and make mixes time after time. I tried to give this mix the feel of a live DJ set, to share my music taste with the people. Of course I was glad to get this opportunity, since it’s my first DJ mix compilation that’s being released.”

Trance music is more and more diversifying. A good development, or not? How much of a purist are you?
Alexander:”In the same way that trance music has become ‘housy’, house music has become ‘trancy’. These genres had a big impact on each other these last few years, and in my opinion that’s a good thing. Pure trance is a very subjective concept, every trance music fan has his own pure trance sound. I’ve never been a purely, classic trance producer and always looked for something fresh to add to that style. Anyway I guess nobody would have guessed that trance music is getting bigger and bigger, and that’s a really good trend!

Your latest tune is the warm, melodic ‘My World’ ft. Kyler England. Are we right to say it’s the official follow-up to ‘When The Sun’?
Alexander:”I don’t think it is an official follow-up to ‘When The Sun’ cause in my opinion they’ve got a very different atmosphere. I can say it is another vocal single, but I already made something cool like ‘When The Sun’ that you’ll hear on the album and hope it will be a good follow up to ‘When The Sun’.”

We’re getting quite a few pre-tastes of your upcoming artist album! How is that one coming along?
Alexander:”Hope to finish the album around mid-November. I’ve already made a lot of demos and different tracks and I’m now searching for a final concept to combine all this music in a single unit and search for a name.”

You started working on the album 2 years ago. Does that make you the perfectionist-type, to keep changing and editing tracks?
Alexander:”In fact I started working on the album just 1 year ago, I had an idea to make the album but had no material. Sometimes I have a problem that I create too many versions of the track or not to be sure about a track that I made few month or year ago. Anyway, I’m keeping the production work going.”

Can you lift a tip of the veil on what the next single is going to be like?
Alexander:”It will be one of the tracks from the album and I hope you’ll enjoy it!”

Your remix for Dash Berlin & Emma Hewitt’s ‘Like Spinning Plates’ is featured on Armin’s ‘Universal Religion Chapter 6’ compilation! Last year, you did no less than 20 remixes. Are you limiting your choice these days?
Alexander:”Yes, last year I might have done a few many remixes. I still have many requests for remixes nowadays, but now I only work on those that I really like and try to focus on my own singles and album.”

In an interview a few months ago, you referred to the quote: ’Your life and your career is limited only by your scale of thinking’. So, how big do you intent your career to be?
Alexander:”I might not be moving forward with my career as fast as I want to, but I feel like it’s going steady and will do all my best to take it to the next level rapidly.”

The summer is coming to an end, but the gigs never are. Where can we catch you play in the next coming months?
Alexander:”I have a few confirmed dates in Russia and will probably have some gigs outside in Belarus, Bali etc. Check out all the dates on my website!”

Get ‘Trance World – Volume 16’ on iTunes and ‘My World’ feat. Kyler England on Beatport.


Disc 1:

  1. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna - Helpless (Alexander Popov Intro Remix Edit) (05:39)
  2. Alexander Popov - When The Sun (Radio Edit) (03:02)
  3. Johnny Yono - Break These Chains (Original Mix) (07:48)
  4. Markus Schulz feat. Adina Butar - Caught (Duderstadt Radio Edit) (03:37)
  5. Joseph Areas - Parvenu (Radio Edit) (03:45)
  6. Johan Malmgren - Find You (Radio Edit) (03:39)
  7. Dash Berlin feat. Chris Madin - Silence In Your Heart (Antillas Radio Edit) (03:37)
  8. Alexander Popov & LTN - Simple Things (Radio Edit) (04:48)
  9. tyDi - Sex, Lies & Still Oblivious (LTN Radio Edit) (03:48)
  10. Alexander Popov feat. Kyler England - My World (Radio Edit) (04:17)
  11. Fady & Mina - Kepler 22 (Andrew Rayel Aether Remix Edit) (03:08)
  12. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Protoculture - Waking Up The Stars (Radio Edit) (03:45)
  13. Alexander Popov - Trance World, Vol. 16 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 1) (67:40)

Disc 2:

  1. Solarstone with Aly & Fila - Fireisland (Extended Mix) (07:41)
  2. Tenishia & Ruben de Ronde - Marsascala (Alexander Popov Remix Edit) (03:25)
  3. Stoneface & Terminal - Here Comes The Sun (Club Mix) (07:20)
  4. Ashley Wallbridge feat. Audrey Gallagher - Bang The Drum (Omnia Radio Edit) (03:17)
  5. Heatbeat - Chow Mein (Radio Edit) (04:12)
  6. Alexander Popov - Attractive Force (Radio Edit) (03:56)
  7. KhoMha - The Dark Knight (Radio Edit) (03:54)
  8. Austin Hall & Emerge - End Of An Era (Original Mix) (06:29)
  9. DJ Feel feat. Aelyn - Your Love (Original Vocal Mix Edit) (05:05)
  10. Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado - Suddenly Summer (Heatbeat Radio Edit) (04:11)
  11. Sean Tyas - Lekta (Radio Edit) (03:20)
  12. Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Like Spinning Plates (Alexander Popov Remix Edit) (03:07)
  13. Alexander Popov - Trance World, Vol. 16 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 2) (63:28)