Tenishia: the big product of a tiny country

July 30th, 2012

If there’s one thing Tenishia have accomplished in their 7 year joint venture, it’s putting Malta on the map of electronic dance music. Getting international recognition in the dance scene isn’t only the result of their hard work, talent and quality productions, but also has to do with the solid support of their Maltese fans. Joven and Cyprian have come a long way since their first few hits, and now enjoy the privilege of global support on their ‘Memory of a Dream’ album. To celebrate the release, we hooked up with the talented duo and took a deep dive into their dreams, gratitude and relentless drive to honor their origin.

Hey guys, congrats on the release of ‘Memory of a Dream’! Now, how does that feel? Need some pinching? ;)
Tenishia:”It just feels awesome, especially because we have been getting huge amounts of good comments. Seems like we have hit the nail right on the head with various tracks. And what’s even better is that no one can agree on a favorite track.. not even ourselves!”

For how long have you two been working on this project? Does it sum up all those years of hard work you invested in Tenishia?
Tenishia:”The production of the album took around a year or so, but yes as you said it sums up all the gathered experience from the past years. We think that our sound has matured in time and this was the perfect time to do the album. We’ve been collecting our sounds for years now, using various vsts, old and new and I think we have a very well organized sound library now.”

Your home country Malta and its citizens have meant a lot when it comes to building a career. Could we say that Tenishia would not have been where it is today without the support of Malta?
Tenishia:”That is exactly right, we are the product of a tiny country with a small population that thrives to put its artist out there. Due to lack of opportunities on a 30km island we are one of the very few names from Malta that managed to get international recognition so our local fans are like the engine of the Tenishia project and we are the drivers. Their support has motivated us big time. We have enough fans in Malta to put up a yearly ‘Tenishia in Concert’ which saw 1% of the Maltese population attending. Fans that are hungry for more and are part of this story as much as both of us, and that is why they embrace our achievements so much because our goal is their goal. It’s like they want to share us to the World and we love that!”

When was the moment: this is it, it’s finished? Or are you two the types that could edit and change a track forever?
Tenishia:”Haha yeah, that is actually a very discussed subject in our studio. As you know our productions vary from progressive to uplifting to down-tempo. Music is never ending, and if we get the chance to change it to people with different taste we’ll do it. That is why we actually released the ‘Frozen Roads’ Chill Out Album last year, for those who might not like going to clubs but prefer to listen to music while relaxing at home.”

What exactly is the thought behind the Album title? Has the dream become reality?
Tenishia:”It did! When we started our experiments, releasing an artist album worldwide was just a distant and impossible looking dream. But yes, a few years went by and here we are fulfilling the dream. So this album will be the memory of the dream we had for years ,that is why.. Memory of a Dream.”

Can you describe the journey you will take the listeners on through this album?
Tenishia:”As we said before, the album embraces various styles of trance music. We didn’t want an album with 16 tracks that sound the same. If we wanted to do that we would have finished it in a few months. We have looked around for particular sounds for particular tracks even using ethnic sounds in two of the tracks. So the journey will take the listener to the extensive dimension of trance, being progressive, uplifting, vocal, break-beat and also using some dubstep elements in one of the tracks.”

Got any personal favorites or tracks that particularly stand out in their production process?
Tenishia:”We just can’t agree on a favorite. The album does reflect our moods and personality so it depends what you’re in the mood to hear. So if we can’t agree on which between us, we’re not gonna dare to pick a favorite… it’s all about tastes and mood.”

The music video to single ‘As It Should’ has just been put online on YouTube. What’s the idea behind it?
Tenishia:”Our relationship with Jan Johnston goes a long way. She and Kirsty Hawkshaw were the very firsts to give us a chance and that is no joke. These two vocalist are legends. They have been big assets to big DJ’s like Tiësto and Paul van Dyk, so we wanted either Jan or Kirsty for our first video as a thank you. On the other hand we wanted to say thank you to our Maltese fans for their support and we couldn’t give them a better thank you than promoting our summery island with a music video… And that’s how the storyboard evolved.”

The next single to rise from the album, is the beautiful ‘Point Of No Return’. Knowing you guys, there’s always a story behind your tracks. What’s the story for this one?
Tenishia:”’Point of no Return’ is a special one. It was firstly made for the ‘Tenishia in Concert’ promotional video and then completed into a full track. The lyrics which we wrote ourselves are quite touchy and also have a personal meaning on something that can’t be changed. But memories of it still remain.”

Summer is in full swing and we bet there’s some hot events and festivals coming up. What’s ahead for Tenishia in these coming weeks?
It’s our favorite season! This weekend we’ve been playing at Tomorrowland. We closed the tranceaddict area on the Sunday. On Monday we’re flying to Ibiza to play at Privilege for ASOT Mondays and next week we’re getting a little dip into winter as we land in Australia!  Besides that were also looking forward for another event in Gozo which is Malta’s sister island in September.”