Support Andy Moor in the DJ Mag Top 100!

July 2nd, 2012

When talking about perfectionism, one of the prime examples is DJ/producer Andy Moor. That’s exactly why, after 15 years of successful productions, Grammy-nominated remixes and unrivalled DJ sets, he’s finally ready to release his debut album. ‘Zero Point One’ is set for release on July 6th, perfectly on time to give sound to summer.

The label-owner of the beloved Ava Recordings knows how to get people to move. Whether through his emotive melodies, warm prog-trance beats or use of only the best vocals, there’s always a party with Andy behind the decks.

His name has been featured in the DJ Mag Top 100 for quite some years now, and we expect it to  stay there for quite another few. Last year, he took charge of number 52, so it’s time for you to support your favourite DJ and vote him all the way back to the Top 25!

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