Alex M.O.R.P.H. adds some rawness to the scene

July 18th, 2012

He’s responsible for some of the most tender, emotional and moving melodies in trance music. But around all this, is a powerful sound that moves the masses. And that is what defines the sound of Alex M.O.R.P.H.. The German producer is hot off the release of his second artist album, the 17-track-loaded ‘Prime Mover’. We hooked up with the truck driver look-a-like and asked him all about the album, his rough image and of course; the music.

Hey Alex! Congrats on the release of ‘Prime Mover’! Feels good, right?
Alex:”Hell yeah, feels fantastic to unleash the final product after such a long time of hard work, and I’m fully satisfied with the result, and the feedback blows me away!”

Standard question, but we have to ask: what’s the thought behind the title?
Alex:”One thing is that I move lots of people every weekend all over the globe as a DJ, another things is that these massive Australian monster trucks are called Prime Movers. Very strong cars, lots of power, just like most of my music. Plus, it’s a snappy and strong word, so I named my album ‘Prime Mover’.”

It’s got quite spicy cover art! How did the idea for an image like that come up?
Alex:”People keep telling me I look like a truck driver, you know, with my mesh caps and all that. So we just had to think about a real strong cover art with me driving a truck. The girl in the back was another idea to sharpen up the rock’n roll image. Talking about spicy cover art: unfortunately we had to erase the model for the release in islam areas, it was too spicy for them indeed!”

Does it have to do with the fact that you feel trance needs a stronger, tougher image? Rather than it being all about lovely melodies and the be-as-one factor?
Alex:”Well I’m not that type of guy for perfect clean photos like most Trance artists do. It doesn’t suit me and I don’t feel so well with that. And yes, maybe I think Trance needs some more edge in terms of marketing and stuff. Everybody does soft, let’s try something else. I’m not planning to be a bad boy or anything, but I enjoy my little role of the strong trucker guy and nobody else has done it this way yet. Why not add some rawness to the scene, harharrrrr!”

How long have you worked on ‘Prime Mover’ and in what way was the process different from ‘Purple Audio’, your first album?
Alex:”The major production time was about 7-8 months in total, but some ideas, first drafts and experiments have been started almost a year ago. So it’s hard to tell the exact time it took. The production for the album also paused a bit when there was a remix in the pipeline or I was on tour somewhere on the globe. Especially electronic music is evolving so fast and after my first album in 2009 a lot of things happened with my music. New styles, new level of quality, new fresh material for the fans. In the end it really developed to a very mature sound.”

One of its jewels, ‘Antara (The Circle)’, was released on iTunes on Monday! Was it hard to create a follow-up to that big hit of ‘An Angel’s Love’?
Alex:”An Angel’s Love was a big one really, totally unexpected what happened with it! And of course it’s not easy to achieve the same with a follow-up. If you just try to top a big success, you’ll fail. So I never thought about that and just continued doing my thing. That’s the only way to keep up to my own expectations and don’t get disappointed.”

It seems that you’re also experimenting with a slightly different sound, considering ‘Sucker Punch’ is much more housy than we’re used to. Were you up for a new challenge?
Alex:”Always up for new challenges, sure! I always try new stuff to keep things fresh and move forward musically. If you stay the same all the time, people will get bored.”

We also heard a rumor that you’re giving Ableton courses to bedroom-DJ’s. Does it give you some extra purpose in your music career, to help out new talent?
Alex:”Not a rumor actually. I did a few workshops on creative mixing with Ableton so far and might have some more coming from time to time. It’s a fun thing for me and for the students as well, they are so interested to see how a professional is working with the software on stage in front of thousands of people, so I show them what it’s all about and that they shouldn’t be afraid of using such a tool more intense. And yes, who knows, maybe someday there will be a superstar DJ that tells “Alex M.O.R.P.H. taught me how to do it!”, hehehehe.”

There’s a big Prime Mover tour coming up, we reckon. What countries and cities will we be able to catch one of the shows in, these coming months?
Alex:”Wow, yeah my schedule scares me at the moment, it’s the biggest tour I’ve ever done! Until the end of the year I will come back to Russia, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, China, Singapore, Canada, Ukraine, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa and there’s even more gigs to come! It’s insane and totally unreal. Keep an eye on to see all the dates!”