Mischa Daniels: chasing the golden lining

June 12th, 2012

Last year, his collab with J-Son got the golden status in Canada. ‘Where You Wanna Go’, the title track to his debut album, was the prelude to many more club hits to follow. And with it, Dutch producer Mischa Daniels found a formula that suits him like a suit. As the first taste of his upcoming artist album, he now presents a new big-room vibe: ‘That Girl’. Together with U-Jean, he warms up for a hot summer, with a seductive, contagious pop-house track. And there’s no way around it.

Hey Mischa! What’s up? What’s going on in the Daniels world?
Mischa:”Hey yo! I’m doing great. I’m actually answering your questions from my holiday destination with a clear blue sky and a fine, almost white-looking beach. So all good in the hood!”

Your new single, ‘That Girl’ ft. U-Jean, is coming up! It’s quite an international, superstar affair, isn’t it?
Mischa:”Ow yes! It’s actually a golden-affair too! U-jean ( Germany ) who sung ‘That Girl’ just got rewarded with a German golden record for one of his latest track with RIO. Jenson and Craig Smart (Canada), who are the writer of ‘That Girl’ got also rewarded gold for a few tracks in several countries, including ‘Girl Gone Wild’ for Madonna. Last but hopefully not least(!) I got rewarded for a golden record in Canada. So as you can see; it’s quite a challenging collaboration which worked out pretty well!”

You also shot a music video for this one. What can we expect?
Mischa:”Since the title ‘That Girl’ already limits a lot of ideas, I did not want to be it like 9 out of 10 videos these days with all girls in bikini etc. I really wanted to have a little story added to it. I think the script of ‘That Girl’ is quite funny. It’s about U-jean being released out of ‘sex rehab’ but he still sees the same girl time after time in different settings. He even ends up almost kissing her at a bizarre night in the club. Is he really cured or is he dreaming? You can see me featuring as Doctor Daniels and as the DJ of course. It’s recorded in Amsterdam. Partly in a film studio and partly in a famous club in Amsterdam.”

Are we right to say that it’s the unofficial follow-up to the golden record winning ‘Where You Wanna Go’ ft. J-Son?
Mischa:”Yes you are! It has the typical same beat and vibe like ‘Where You Wanna Go’. I loved that track and I felt like I should come up again with a tune like that; ‘That Girl’ is the result.”

You and the combination rapper/MC seems to be working quite well! Is that a new strategy, or is it a combo you’ve always loved?
Mischa:”Well, it’s definitely not a strategy! I love to work on ‘bigger’ productions nowadays. Since ‘Where You Wanna Go’ (and also ‘Simple Man’) I felt like that it is so much more fun working with different people and talents than just doing tracks on your own/alone. Being part of the entire process from creating a hook line to cut the radio edit is really a magic thing!”

What did you learn from the process of creating your debut album and how is this effecting the outcome of your next one?
Mischa:”I learned a lot! Most important thing is that creating full vocal bombs is more difficult than I thought. As I explained before; it really comes down to the people you work with, the talents/ potential they have and of course your own strength to make sure you put all the ingredients together to finalize that exact idea you had in mind. Believe me, this is way harder than I ever expected! I guess it will be here this fall.”

We noticed that you’re working with both Dutch singer Sharon Doorson as well as international pop-lady Rosette (Luv). Can you reveal anything about these collabs yet?
Mischa:”Yes I can. Sharon Doorson might not be known by the international crowd yet but she was the semi finalist of a TV program called ‘The Voice of Holland’. Her voice is amazing and we decided to contact her for one of my songs. Rosette (Luv) is this amazing singer from Vancouver. She is about to break internationally and already had a song with Timbaland and Ian Carey. Hot stuff! Last but not least it looks like I’m going to work with one of my favorite singers ever! We all know him and the artist he collaborated a lot with is the most successful DJ at the moment….Any idea who? ;)”

The summer season has just kicked off. What does the summer have in stores for you?
Mischa:”Firstly I’m doing a few festivals in Czech Republic, Croatia and Canada. But the best one lined up for this summer is my debut at super club: Marquee in Las Vegas! I’m very excited about this one! Also the NRJ radio show in Montreal is a biggie! I’m lined up with some major global stars! So yes, the summer looks bright!!!”

Any last words for your fans?
Mischa:”I really hope you’re going to love my new single ‘That Girl’ and hopefully I’ll bump into you somewhere this summer!! Live.Love.Be.”