Latin American Armada Night mini-tour with W&W!

Latin American Armada Night mini-tour with W&W!

June 26th, 2012

While the summer season in The Netherlands still doesn’t seem to lift off, the winter has slowly started to settle in Latin America. Fighting jetlags and travelling from one club to the next, is W&W’s daily life. The boys have a busy summer schedule ahead of them, which also happen to include several big dates in Latin America! From July 6th to 8th, Argentina and Chile better be ready for the Mainstage sound to kick in… because Armada Night is about to land!

Hot off the release of their Jochen Miller collab, aptly named ‘Summer’, Willem and Ward will be heading for Crobar in Argentina’s Mar del Plata on July 6th, followed by a little trip to Santiago in Chile on July 7th to rock Dot Club. After two massive Armada Nights, they’ll fly back to Buenos Aires, where they will light up the world-famous Crobar with their unrivalled, energetic sound.

Latin America, if you’re looking for some musical warmth, we invite you to this Armada Night mini-tour with W&W!

6 July: Crobar, Mar del Plata, Argentina,
7 July: Dot Club, Santiago, Chile
8 July: Crobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina (with warm-up by Tomas Heredia)