Classic of the week: Aly & Fila – Lost Language

June 24th, 2012

Within ten years, Aly & Fila have left an unforgettable impression upon the dance scene. The Egyptian duo have build themselves up to be one of the most renowned duo’s in trance, through both their productions and remixes, as well as their hard work in launching their Future Sound of Egypt label and turning it into a realm for trance lovers.

This week, we put one of their all-time favourites and classics in the spotlights. ‘Lost Language’, the uplifting trance that followed to their first successes of ‘Eye of Horus’ and ‘How Long’. Released on Armada Music’s Soundpiercing label in May 2008, it became another anthem for the dark hours of night and a real energizer when the sun was about to set.

‘Lost Language’ is our official classic of the week and is featured in the official Trance Top 1000! You can listen to the classic, as well as countless other essential tracks in trance history, in the Trance Top 1000 playlist!