Christian Burns: “I could not go a day without music.”

June 25th, 2012

The first single of his upcoming artist album has just landed. ‘Bullet’, featuring the beats of Stefan Dabruck, will be the official first taste of the goodies that Christian Burns has in stores. And it’s definitely tasting morish. We hooked up with the British singer/songwriter at the final stages of finishing the album, as he tells us all about his one and true passion: music.

Hey Christian, congrats on being our Artist of the Week! How are you doing and where can we find you today?
Christian:”Hey! I am great thanks, currently in my studio in the UK finishing songs for my debut album!”

The first single of your debut album has just been released, ‘Bullet’ with Stefan Dabruck. How did you end up working with one half of Dabruck & Klein?
Christian:”Well I started writing the song a couple of years ago and never quite finished it and then remembered it as we were looking for songs for the album, I tweaked, sent to Stefan and ‘Bullet’ was born!

It’s a very catchy, beautiful track, with a bit of an old school feel to it. How did this one come into being?
Christian:”I guess we wanted to do something a little different from what’s out there at the min, it’s also a different kind of track for me, you gotta shake things up a little sometimes! I think Stefan has done a killer job!”

The best thing about songwriting is being able to translate old hurt and new feelings into lyrics and music. Is music like a therapy for you, or is it simply something you love to death?
Christian:”Both…. Whenever I feel very strongly about something I write lyrics, it’s a lot easier to write about when it’s actually happening. The silver lining of every break up! But I also could not go a day without music. It’s a very big part of my life.”

You’ve collaborated with several big names, yet these tracks always seem to have had your own sound. What defines a Christian Burns track – would you say?
Christian:”It’s a tough one, I really don’t know the answer to that… ME?!?!”

Despite being a successful solo artist for quite some years, this is going to be your first solo album. What took you so long? Is the time ripe for Christian Burns?
Christian:”Good question! I guess I was looking for the right time and the right label, really excited to be a part of the Armada roster and the time is very ripe for Christian Burns….”

You’ve been very successful with BBMak and kept yourself busy with The Bleachworks, Inhaler and several other projects. Is the band life something you miss when you’re on tour?
Christian:”I love touring but I do prefer touring as part of a band more, excited to go out on tour with my buddy BT as part of our new band All Hail the Silence.”

Can you reveal some more names that you’ve collaborated with for the upcoming album? Any spoilers maybe?
Christian:”Well I don’t want to give too much away, but here are a few. BT, Kryder, Antillas, Jean Claude Ades and Alex M.O.R.P.H.. Will be announcing more names a bit closer to the release.”

This week, on Saturday June 30th, you’ll also be the host to Electronic Family’s mainstage and perform live there. Will you be doing some exclusive new album tracks?
Christian:”Yes, I will be performing a couple of tracks from my new album!!! So excited about that!!”

How about any other gigs? Where can we catch you singing this summer?
Christian:”Going to be all over the place, here’s where!”

June 30 – Amsterdam – EFF
July 7 – Sochi, RU @ Malibu Club
July 14 – Moscow, RU (w/ Allure) @ Superbeach
July 21 – Mexico
Aug 9 – Odessa, UA @ Ibiza Beach Club
Aug 11 – Feodosiya, UA @ Club 117

Get ‘Bullet’ exclusively on Beatport now!