Aly & Fila: brewing a quiet storm

June 20th, 2012

To Egyptian duo Aly & Fila, music reflects their everything. Through their music, they light the souls of millions of trance lovers around the globe. Providing perfect highlight anthems, whether played in the dark hours or welcoming the morning sun, they’ve grown into one of EDM’s most beloved producer/DJ duo. To celebrate the release of their new track ‘Coming Home’ ft. Jwaydan, we named the talented guys our Artist of the Week. Find out all about their upcoming album, Future Sound of Egypt and much more!

Hey Aly, hey Fadi! What’s up guys? How are you doing?
A&F:”Doing great thanks, just preparing for Armada Night Latin America in Buenos Aires.

We’re catching up with you in the middle of a Armada Night tour through Latin America. How are the latino’s and latina’s treating you guys?
A&F:”What amazing countries, 1000% one of our favourite places to visit and play, the warmth of the people is unbelievable, what crowds.”

The latest release coming from FSOE, is the beautiful single ‘Coming Home’ ft. Jwaydan. It was premiered months and months ago. What took you guys so long to release it?
A&F:”We wanted to find the right remix for it, it took some time, but we are happy with the end product by Eximinds, and we were also shooting the Official Video which will premier on 25th June.”

Jwaydan is a very talented singer/songwriter, bit she’s also a real perfectionist. Is that what makes working with her work so well?
A&F:”She has an amazing voice and is a great songwriter and we are sure she has amazing future ahead of her in EDM.”

There’s more collabs coming up, one with Solarstone and another one with Roger Shah & Adrina Thorpe. What can you guys tell us about it?
A&F:”These are tracks that will feature on our new artist album. ‘Perfect Love’ will be our next single release after ‘Coming Home’. “

Last week, you guys announced the name of your new and upcoming album, ‘Quiet Storm’. What’s the thought behind the title?
A&F:”Well, we feel the album has been worked on patiently and we want to it to create a big impact, it is like a quiet storm brewing.”

How will it differ from ‘Rising Sun’? Are you guys going to test some new things, or is it going to be the same formula?
A&F:”As producers we feel in 24 months our music has progressed and improved, you can always improve, never stop learning, the formula is the same.”

Any collaborations or other secrets you can reveal about it yet? When can we expect it?
A&F:”To be honest there are more collabs but we will keep them secret for now, one with Chris Jones we can reveal is ‘Running out of Time’ J“

This summer’s bringing you guys a busy schedule! Lots of ASOT nights on Ibiza, Global Gathering, several other big festivals…is there any spare time left for you guys to work on the album?
A&F:”We will always make time, music is so important to us, the music drives us forward.”

ASOT has meant a great deal to you guys throughout the past few years. What’s it like to be part of these special happenings, such as EDC Las Vegas last week?

A&F:”ASOT has played a huge part in our development as both artists and DJs. For example Armin has supported our music for many years which we are very grateful for, it has given the chance for listeners worldwide to hear our music, and from the ASOT events points of view it has given people the chance to see us live and to also hear us play live from events which ASOT have broadcasted, EDC Las Vegas was immense, when we played ‘We Control the Sunlight’ as the sun was coming up was tingling experience for sure.”

Another highlight this summer, is the celebration of the FSOE 250 show, in Space Sharm! Will it be bigger, better and even more impressive than 200?
A&F:”We are doing the event in collaboration with Space Sharm, they are great to work with and the venue is just amazing. We have been able to put together a line up which we feel is great and diverse, the line up is Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila, W&W, Sean Tyas, Shogun, Bjorn Akesson, Brave, Mohamed Ragab and Jwaydan will be singing also, the date is August 20th, be great to see you there.”

Other than that, is there any Aly & Fila news we should know about?
A&F:”Keep eyes out for our new Artist album, gigs updates, FSOE weekly and any competitions we are running , here are our media links, .”

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