Dash Berlin:“It’s the intention behind the music that matters.”

May 1st, 2012

No matter how strong the current might be, Dash Berlin rides the tide of music. With his new album ‘#musicislife’, he shows that time really is now. Bursting with energy, fresh ideas and vision, it brings us 13 jewels to unite us on the dance floor and move us within. We hooked up with Dash Berlin front man Jeff and found out all about his drive, the inspiration and a whole lot more…

It’s here, it’s finally here! How does it feel to have ‘#musicislife’ out there?
Jeff:”I am excited; it feels great to have a new album out on Armada and the reactions have been superb so far, so I am really happy and proud.”

Are you the type to be insecure about how people may respond to it, or do you stand a 200% behind what you release?
Jeff:”The insecurity is part of the excitement. The exciting part of releasing an album is that people react to the music spontaneously, so you never know what response you’re going to get. This is always a special time for any artist, it’s what it’s all about; the music. Praise means nothing if it wasn’t for criticism, so you have to be ready for both. I don’t want to be somebody who, rather than risking failure, never attempts anything new.”

Of course, the crowd has had some pre-tastes and exclusive road-tests for certain tunes. When is the moment you decide: this one’s perfect, it’s done?
Jeff:”Yes I’ve tested quite a few tracks in my sets, but as Rutger Hauer (famous Dutch actor) once said; “perfect is for the dead.” And with that I fully agree. It’s never perfect and it’s never done. You can strive for excellence, but that does not mean you’re not allowed to make mistakes. I’m only human. You have to let it go at some point to make room for new creativity, the river has to flow. For me it’s the intention behind the music that matters.”

Lots has changed since you landed the first album, ‘The New Daylight’. You rose to the Top 10 in the DJ Mag, won an IDMA and got more and more gigs. Did that also bring more pressure to the new album project?
Jeff:”Can you believe it? It’s insane, I still have to pinch myself every now and then. It’s an adventure. Indeed, the pressure was on sometimes, because of my crazy schedule this year. I’m very lucky to work together with amazing people and I am lucky to have a great record label that’s at my back with a lot of contagious enthusiasm, so at the end of the day it’s a real team effort.”

In what way does #musicislife show the growth that Dash Berlin has gone through?
Jeff:”I thinks that’s a question for the listeners, I’ll let them be the judge of that. You learn as you go and I can only hope that it reflects in the music and in my sets.”

You named the album after one of the Twitter hashtags you often use. Have you got any bigger plans with this social medium, or is it just your way of telling the world about the wonderful way it connects people?
Jeff:”It’s totally a fan thing; the “#musicislife” album title is a dedication to them. It’s one of those quotes that inspired people to create these huge crowd banners at my gigs, which I love. I had other working titles for my album, but while looking at these banners during my sets I was like; ‘I’ve got to make this a true fan thing’. So that’s how that happened.”

Each featuring is either with a talented singer or upcoming producer. Based on which criteria did you invite these artists?
Jeff:”The main criteria is their talent. They’ve all helped to shape the sound of #musicislife in a unique way. Great things come from working together, that’s how the Egyptians have built the pyramids at Giza. To me ideas are like stones of a pyramid, if you stack them up you get bigger ideas and some stones are simply too heavy to lift by yourself. That is what I love about working together. I am very inspired by Armin as well, who continues to share his successes and his ASOT platform with so many new and exciting talents, which injects new creativity into the music, this is keeping our scene healthy and strong, I respect that a lot.”

One of the jewels of the album, is the darker, deeper ‘Like Spinning Plates’, featuring Emma Hewitt. What makes working with her work so well?
Jeff:”Emma and her brother are like family. They are super talented, they really live for the music and are also really fun to hang out with. They bring al lot of that typical Australian humor and lots of creativity to the studio, which is great for the vibe. With this track we really wanted to do something totally different than what we did before, so we decided to cover one of our favorite Radiohead songs, for which we got official permission, which was really exciting. It’s not an easy track, it goes deep and shows a different side of Em’s vocal talent. It’s one of my favorites of the album.”

There’s a big #musicislife world tour ahead! Where can the fans see you play in these next couple of months?
Jeff:”The #musicislife world tour kicks off in Mexico with nine cities, then it’s on to Indonesia, Korea, Japan, USA, England, Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and the list goes on. Festival highlights include Global Gathering, Electric Daisy & Electric Zoo and more to be announced soon. For an up to date list please check the event section at dashberlinworld.com and add yourself to the event if I will be seeing you somewhere soon!”


One of the big shows is the one in Mexico city, a full concert with live performances by Emma, Jonathan and many others. What have you got in stores for us there?
Jeff:”That’s probably going to be my most spectacular gig so far. I’ve got the whole Dash Berlin family with me on stage for the very first time and we’ve invested in a huge stage production, so that is going to be magical. We’ll be shooting a new video in Mexico as well, so yes, really looking forward to it all! It’s going to be huge. “

Last but not least, what’s the reason people should get the album?
Jeff:”Because music is good for the soul! ;-)”