Alexander Popov: “Nothing is impossible!”

Alexander Popov: “Nothing is impossible!”

May 8th, 2012

Each of the productions leaving his studio, have that special spark. From the summer-spirited ‘When The Sun’ and the trancy ‘Attractive Force’ to his earlier works of ‘Revolution In You’ and ‘Metropolis’. Alexander Popov has grown into one of EDM’s big promises for the future. And that future is now. Currently finalizing his very first artist album, there are big things ahead for both the Russian producer/DJ and ourselves. If there’s anything Alexander learned from the musical journey he’s gone through, it’s this: ‘Nothing is impossible’. And that’s exactly what we love about our Artist of the Week. Time to find out what Alexander Popov is all about.

Hey Alexander! Congrats on being our Artist of the Week! How are you doing and where can we find you today?
Alexander:”Thank you, I’m fine! Just back from Indonesia, and now I’m at home in studio, working on some hot brand new vocal tracks for the album.”

Your releases are absolutely on fire these days! What’s your secret?
Alexander:”I haven’t got any personal secret… Just doing what I really like: making music, watching the music scene, looking for trends and new sounds and trying to make actual sound productions. In my opinion the best way to be happy is to do what you love, maybe that’s the secret.”

Your releases seem to go from warm, melodic prog to the darker, more techy side of trance. Does your style of producing change along with the mood that you’re in?
Alexander:”Of course the things that happen in my life affect my music. For example, it is more simple for me to make a new, beautiful melody when I’m in a lyrical mood. But often I’m trying to make different music with a different sound regardless of the mood I’m in.”

2 years ago we named you our ‘New Arrival’, and now you’re working on your first album! Ever expected it to go this quick?
Alexander:”I started thinking about the album 2 years ago. I had some options to release it in Russia, and we made the cover and compilation of the tracks. I even came up with the name of the album, but for some reason the release was put on hold . That’s a good thing, cause now I’m sure it is right. Because a debut album should be released on a good label, with good promotion. Now I’m glad that I have the opportunity to release my first album on one of the best labels in the world – Armada Music! :)”

Does this bring a lot of pressure, or is it like a dream come true? Or maybe both? ;)
Alexander:”I think both. When your goals and dreams come from the heart you’ll surely have success. But I have to say that it wasn’t so easy for me to become a DJ and producer. I spent a few years in the studio learning different software, synthesizers etc. Now I’m sure that nothing is impossible. I once read an expression in a book that I liked: ’Your life and your career is limited only by your scale of thinking’.”

What can we expect to hear on it? Any musical surprises in stores for us?
Alexander:”I’ll do all my best to make the album sound interesting and diverse. I’m working on many vocal tracks and I’m really in love with some of them. Will feature some epic tracks like ’Revolution In You’ and some chill-out melodic instrumental tracks. I’ve now got some interesting collaborations in process and you will hear the result soon!”

It all started with ‘Vapour Trails’, released in 2007. How, in your eyes, have you developed yourself as an artist? What’s the biggest different between your productions of then, and now?
Alexander:”In 2007 I wasn’t fully aware of how the music industry worked, I wasn’t very familiar with the scene. Nowadays it’s easier for me to make plans and set goals when I’m understanding how all of these processes works. I played in different cities, countries, participated at the biggest festivals and I feel it is just the beginning. The music changed a lot in the last 5 years and my productions changed as well, but I’m sure that I’ll continue make melodic trance music because it is my favorite music genre.”

Back then, you were the art director in a Russian club. Are you still? Can you still combine that with your DJ and production work?
Alexander:”I worked as a promoter since 2005, we made many different club parties, festivals and different events. I also worked as an art director of some clubs, but not anymore. Since 2011 I decided to focus on music, because I feel more future potential for that career. I’m still working with 2 festivals in Russia as a promoter but most of time I spent in studio and at gigs. And I have to say I’m happy with it!”

Have you seen any big changes in the Russian dance scene these past 5 years?
Alexander:”There are many great names hailing from Russia, with high quality and massive music. Such artists like Arty, Swanky Tunes and other Russian DJ’s traveling across the world, playing at the biggest festivals and releasing huge tunes on the top labels. Russians finally became a part of the global dance music scene and now we can our own trends.”

The next track ahead, is a collab with Susana, off her new album ‘Brave’. What can you tell us about that one?
Alexander:”This track has its own little story. After making the remix for Susana’s track ‘Fall In Deep’, I got the offer to collaborate with her and I was happy. I had the base that I used for my unreleased remix for ‘See The Sun’ by Matt Darey, as my opinion it is one of my best tracks but it wasn’t released. And I searched for the vocals for this base for a long time. I sent it to her and she liked it. Susana with Raz Nitzan made a brilliant top line, I put it on this base, made some changes and I think the track turned out great. Susana is one of the best trance vocalists in the world for sure!”

Another thing you’re known and loved for: your remixes! Who’s next on the list to get the Popov treatment?
Alexander:”Yeah, last year I made more than 20 remixes. I think maybe it was too much, because I had no time to focus on my own productions. That’s why this year I try to push my own tracks and I’m now working on an album. But I’m  also working on some remixes and the last one that I made is the remix for the brilliant track by ‘Cosmic Gate & Myon and Shane54 feat. Aruna – All Around You’.”

One of our personal favourites, is the beautiful ‘When The Sun’, which rocked Armin’s ASOT 2012 compilation. We heard there’s a music vid coming up for that one?
Alexander:”We are in the final stage with the official music video for ‘When The Sun’. It will be a complete music video with a plot and own story. I can’t wait to see the result and to share it with the people. I can only say that you will see it till the end of May on! ;)”

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