Tenishia – two personalities, one sound

Tenishia – two personalities, one sound

April 23rd, 2012

2012 marks a special year in the life of Cyprian Cassar & Joven Grech. It’s not only the year that their ‘Tenishia In Concert’ concept will go global, but it’s also the right time for their debut album to see the light of day. The award-winning duo brings us more and more of their eclectic and beloved sound. All the right reasons to name them our Artists of the Week. Let’s take a deep dive inside the world of Tenishia and see how the album is shaping up…

Hey guys! Congrats on being Artist of the Week! How are you two doing and where can we find you today?
Tenishia:”Thanks… Doing really great at the moment as we are going through one of the most exciting periods of our lives. We’re just fresh from a ‘Tenishia in Concert’ in Malta which saw over 1% of the population of our country attending! Also we’re closing off the last tracks of our debut album which we are planning to release at the end of July.”

Tenishia has been pretty busy these past few months, with three big releases. ‘Marsascala’ with Ruben de Ronde, ‘Greater Heights’ with tyDi & Jennifer Rene and then ‘Always Loved, Never Forgotten’. All warmed up for the biggest production so far – the Tenishia album?
Tenishia:”Yes, in fact ‘Always Loved, Never Forgotten’ is also the first single from the album and we must say we had great feedback about it. Armin also chose it to be part of ASOT2012 compilation where it received over 145 000 views on YouTube in a matter of few weeks. We also think that we might have even bigger tunes in the album then ‘Always Loved, Never Forgotten’ so for those who think this is a big track, you should wait till the album is out.”

The Tenishia sound is really diverse and travels from deep ambient to melodic trance. How will you make sure that the album reflects that diversity?
Tenishia:”Our productions reflect different moods, ups and downs and above all our personality. We have produced anything around the trance genre that sounds good to our ears. Besides the diversity on our productions have attracted different fans from different genres of music, being progressive, uplifting or chill out and that goes especially for our ‘Frozen Roads’ Chill Out Album which made those who have never stepped into a club or festival listen to our music and trance music.”

We just read that one of the guest vocalists will be Kirsty Hawkshaw! Can we expect another track with that beloved ‘Invisible’ and ‘Reasons To Forgive’ sound?
Tenishia:”Both Kirsty Hawkshaw and Jan Johnston have been there since the start of our international career and considering that these two played an important role in the success of big DJ’s like Tiësto, for example, they are a valuable asset to have on our album. Once again both Kirsty and Jan have given us outstanding vocals for our album, but we’re going to have to let you wait a bit more to see how they sound.”

Any other stuff that you can reveal yet? Any clue when we can expect it to be released?
Tenishia:”The album will be released end of July, and besides other vocalists it also includes another big tune with Aneym. There is also a good mix of vocal and instrumental tracks in two of which we also used some not usually used sound and choir voices. We have been working very hard on it since last year but we must say that we’re very satisfied and happy with what we have so far. Actually we really can’t wait to share this to the world.”

You guys have your own production school and had plans to start giving DJ courses. How is that doing now that you’re working on the album?
Tenishia:”The school had to obviously stop for a bit since we had a lot of work to do in studio but should resume with recruiting new students very soon since we have the album finished. We are so proud to have inspired lots of teenagers in Malta into music production and we won’t be surprised to see some of these enthusiastic kids breaking through in the near future.”

Now back to ‘Always Loved, Never Forgotten’. This Armind tune is a really emotional track. Is there a special story behind it?
Tenishia:”There is no particular person or story behind the track but when trying to find a name for the track both our minds kept going on those who we miss dearly because something bad happened, either those who passed away or either who we cannot see much because of distance, living in another country etc. The melody in the breakdown sounded like something very divine or like a very personal prayer so that’s how ‘Always loved, Never Forgotten’ came to our heads.”

The ‘Tenishia in Concert’ gigs are known far beyond the borders of Malta. When will we be able to catch one of these shows in the rest of the world?
Tenishia:”The Concert was just awesome. We have joined Fresh Music Agency in Malta who are the same guys that book all the big DJ’s over here, including Armin and all the others. They are experts in organizing arena events and they actually took our event organization to another level taking care of everything which left us working on the show. The idea of taking the concert on tour was already brought up by a few international promoters and fans but we would like to have the album released before we look into it. We have invited all the singers we have worked with through the years as our guest performances and also included live instruments into the show.  Next year we will obviously work around the album tracks.”

You guys once said that ‘every gig had its own story’. Got any good stories coming up? ;)
Tenishia:”That is true, every gig, every crowd and every country we play in has its own story and yes we do have some good stories coming up. We have just joined JAMDJ Management and our diary includes our first gig in the USA, a tour in Australia with the Armada Night and also the magical Tomorrowland in July.”

What’s the next Tenishia sound that we’ll be hearing? Or do we have to wait until the album comes out?
Tenishia:”I think that is a difficult question to answer since the album embraces our diversity in production but we can announce that the next single from our album will be the track with Jan Johnston called ‘As it Should’ which will also have a music video.”

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