Paul van Dyk likes to push the boundaries

Paul van Dyk likes to push the boundaries

April 16th, 2012

It’s been a long wait, but a wait worthwhile. Five years after his ‘In Between’ album, Paul van Dyk reflects on his current state of musical mind with the follow-up: EVOLUTION. We took some time to hook up with the legendary producer/DJ, to find out about the album’s making, outcome and the  upcoming tour. And of course: the magical creative process that came along with it.

Hey Paul! Congratulations on the release of ‘Evolution’! Do you feel relieved to finally have it out there?
Paul:”Yes, I’m absolutely excited that the album is out there!”

You’ve really taken your time with this follow-up to ‘In Between’. Was it time for some more musical freedom, without deadlines or people telling you what to do?
Paul:”In the last 5 years I’ve made music for video games with Hans Zimmer and remixed the Batman theme of ‘Dark Knight’ and played with a classical orchestra. Despite restructuring our set up to have the right answer to the changing landscape of the music industry, which kept me busy. The actual hot phase of producing the album was about 10 months.”

The album has been 10 months in the making. Did you lock yourself inside the studio during that time? Or was it merely a case of finishing what you had been working on in the years before then?
Paul:”It was a process of spending every single moment making music -despite touring and other things. “

Anything else you’ve been busy working on that we’ll be introduced to soon?
Paul:”I see EVOLUTION as a continuing project. There are many remixes and different versions of all the tracks that will be released in the new future.”

You’ve worked with young talents such as Arty and Ummet Ozcan, but also experienced producers such as Fieldwork. Are you the type to keep a wish-list? Or do you just like to try new combinations and experiments?
Paul:”Well, I don’t believe in marketing-driven set ups. For me it’s very important that the people that I work with share the same passion for music as only then those magical creative processes happen.”

You’ve always been pro-diversity and a big fighter of blending styles. How has that influenced your long-time fan base? Do you feel that they’ve grown along with you?
Paul:”For me electronic music is the most exciting musical genre in the world. And that’s because the whole wide world of sounds that you can combine with each other enables musicians to be creative and push the boundaries on all levels.“

We’ve now got ‘Eternity’ rocking the speakers as the current single. How did you end up working with Adam?
Paul:”Adam contacted me about 3-4 years ago and I was very impressed by his creative approach towards the music. A little bit later he became well-known with his hit ‘Fireflies’. But by then we had already decided to make some music together in the future. When it was time to prepare the album, we first started to send ideas back and forth.”

The music video for ‘Eternity’ is quite something. Are you a big fan of surrealism and science fiction?
Paul:”I’m a big fan of imagination. And I like videos and movies that leave room for personal fantasy.”

How will the Evolution theme reflect in the world tour that comes along with it?
Paul:”The visual presentation that goes along with my touring was especially designed and created with that bigger picture of the EVOLUTION in mind. The visualization goes through many different parts of the evolution of our world.”

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