Beatport Exclusives (Week 07)

Beatport Exclusives (Week 07)

February 20th, 2012

This is the week of the Carnival celebrations. The week of new, hot beats and special musical moments. This is the week in which we present you 4 new releases. Beatport exclusives by Gabriel & Dresden, Triarchy & Mauri, Fadios and Solid Gaz & Mischa Daniels!

Gabriel & Dresden – No Reservations
After 4 years of studio silence, Gabriel & Dresden are proud to bring you ‘No Reservations’, a raw piece of melodic bass power co-produced with Washington, DC dubstep duo Secret Panda Society. Though you’ll rarely find a more celebrated duo in EDM history, Gabriel & Dresden are determined to not rest on their hits!

John O’Callaghan – Unfold – The Remixes (part 2)With E.P 1 from Unfold – the remixes currently firing up the trance charts, its time for a second slice of club killing trance. So here we go with ‘Unfold – The Remixes’ E.P.2

Triarchy & Mauri – Air
Triarchy and Mauri represent the sound of a new generation of EDM producers. Touching the fine edges of prog, tingling the house fanatics and moving the trancers, is ‘Air’, their debut on ZOUK!

Fadios – Paradiso
Canadian producer Fadios never ceases to impress or carry forward the mission to enrich the Re*Brand catalogue with another solid pearl for highlight moments. With ‘Paradiso’, he gets his game on!

Solid Gaz & Mischa Daniels – Fabulous Fame 002
Mischa Daniels and Solid Gaz continue their Fabolous Fame series with two new pieces of equipment. Let’s see if you can handle bass-monster ‘Crumbling Cookie’ and the maddening ‘Lost Preacher’!