W&W call in 2012!

W&W call in 2012!

January 3rd, 2012

A year bursting with highlights lays behind W&W. 2012 stretches out in front of the two Dutch boys, holding new musical surprises, memorable moments and new heights to reach. With new single ‘Nowhere To Go’, Willem and Ward called in 2012 in style, making up for a promising year in which their debut album ‘Impact’ and its jewels continuously resound. Sit tight, cause it won’t only be the first week of 2012 that belongs to W&W.

Hey guys, happy new year! Broken any new year’s resolutions yet?
W&W:”Happy new year to you too! No not yet, so let’s hope it stays that way!”

You guys were living it up in Edmonton – Canada during NYE, could the year have started any better?
W&W:”It would be hard to start this year better because Edmonton was amazing! We played there earlier last year which was great too, so it was nice to call in the new year over there. It’s actually the second year in a row that we celebrate new years in Canada, last year we were in Montreal.”

We can’t help but looking back to 2011 with a bit of reminiscence. What was the absolute highlight of 2011 to W&W?
W&W:”2011 had so many highlights for us, but one of them was definitely the release of our first artist album ‘Impact’. We worked on it for over 1,5 years and to see it finally getting released was such an accomplishment for us!”

A big one in 2011 was (and still is) your remix of Delerium’s classic ‘Silence’. Whatever happened to it – will it still be released or..?
W&W:”Thanks! We have always been big fans of that track, so when Jonas Stenberg came over early in the summer we thought ‘let’s do a remix of it just for our sets’! It worked very well and more and more DJ’s came to us and asked for it! We actually still don’t know what exactly will happen with it, but we will keep you updated!”

2011 brought the release of debut album ‘Impact’. How will you guys be trying to top 2011 in the new year?
W&W:”Well of course we will continue to release more and more music. January is going to be a full month of studio time and some big and exciting collaborations, so we’re very curious what will come out of all of that! We’re also going to do a new mix album later this year, more info on that soon!”

The world’s currently rocking to the new single, ‘Nowhere To Go’ ft. Bree. It’s a pretty big cross-over record, so how’s the crowd responding to it?
W&W:”The reactions on ‘Nowhere To Go’ are just amazing! The crowd seems to like it a lot because every time we play it we see people singing along. We’re very happy with the remixes as well, both Shogun and Tom Fall delivered outstanding mixes!”

It also comes with a great music video, shot in NL and featuring Bree. Happy with the result?
W&W:”Definitely, we think it looks great!! It had over 100.000 views in 3 days, that’s crazy!”

The latest newsflash is that ‘Invasion’ was crowned as the official anthem for ASOT 550! Was it a track you guys produced especially for the occasion? And what makes it work so well, you think?
W&W:”Yes, we made ‘Invasion’ especially for the ASOT 550 anthem contest! The part when it builds up and then drops to only a kick and a bass works very well on the dance floors. After the break when the two leads kick in is a true hands in the air moment as well.”

Armin has yet to reveal the line-ups of the other events, but it’s confirmed that W&W will be playing at the ASOT 550 shows in Den Bosch and Moscow. How does it feel to be part of perhaps the biggest trance event in the history of music – once again?
W&W:”It feels great to be part of the ASOT shows again this year! These events always carry a special feeling with them; of course you’re playing for an amazing crowd but there are also millions of people listening at home! It is also a great opportunity to catch up with all your colleagues.”

Any other exciting gigs lined up for 2012 that we can’t miss?
W&W:”There are going to be plenty of exciting gigs in 2012! We can’t announce a lot at this time yet but we’re glad to be part of it and really looking forward to our Creamfields tour in Australia which we’re doing in April and May.”

Finally – what’s W&W’s aim for 2012?
W&W:”Bigger and better!!”

Get ‘Nowhere To Go’ on Beatport or iTunes, and check out ‘Impact’ on iTunes or order on ArmadaShop.com.