Maison & Dragen serve us main course

Maison & Dragen serve us main course

January 9th, 2012

2011 has been the year of their big break-through. With singles ‘Another Dimension’, ‘Road To Euphoria’ and big hit ‘In The Horizon’, the tone was set and EDM embraced the talented duo from Finland: Marcus Maison & Will Dragen. New single ‘Rio de Janeiro’ is currently heading up the charts, with plenty more good stuff on the way for 2012. Or, as Maison & Dragen like to put it:”You can consider last year as breakfast, now is time for the main course.”

Hey guys, are we still in time to wish you a happy new year? All the best for 2012! How did you two celebrate NYE?
M&D:”Hi! Oh it’s never too late, thank you, and happy new year to the whole music family of Armada! We were playing at a new year’s party in Helsinki, Finland. Club where we played was fully packed with people in party mood, so we had a really great time.”

What song did you pick as the 12 o’clock tune and why?
M&D:”We played one of our new and still unreleased tunes from our coming album. It was the first time we played this track and it was so cool to see how well it rocked the dance floor!”

How is Finland, your home country, responding to your music? Is the trancy house sound any popular there?
M&D:”The response has been great, we get lots of support from our home country, but still we feel there are quite a few who haven’t heard from us yet. Traditionally trance has been popular in Finland, and now seems like it’s been replaced by this ‘housier’ side of trance.”

Now, at the end of 2011 you guys changed the name from Marcus Maison & Will Dragen to Maison & Dragen. Too much of a tongue-twister?
Will:”It was just a practical issue. ‘Maison & Dragen’ is so much easier in many ways. I just wonder why we didn’t take that in the first place.”
Marcus:”Now it even fits to one line in posters!”

For a duo that has been working together since 2010, things have gone pretty fast! Are we right to say that 2011 has been the year that put Maison & Dragen on the map?
Marcus:”Yes, last year was pretty good for us. We played many gigs around the world and made very good connections. However, this year is going to put everything on totally different scale!”
Will:”You can consider last year as breakfast, now is time for the main course.”

Did all the success in productions also help to launch a DJ career? Have you guys been playing anywhere special?
Marcus:”Yes, it definitely has. In these days it is extremely difficult to succeed without good productions and support from other DJ’s. And luckily we had lots of good gigs in 2011.”
Will:”We did this ‘mini-tour’ in Norway, that was awesome! ‘Love is…’ music festival in Moscow where people were still dancing in morning was an unforgettable experience. And of course our gig in Singapore, which was another unforgettable experience, especially because we met so many friendly people in there!”

One of the biggest M&D tune of 2011 was ‘Another Dimension’. How have the reactions been to its vocal version, ‘Reign’?
Will:”Reactions have been divided. Seems like those who have heard the original version first prefer the original over the vocal one. But that’s quite common I guess.”
Marcus:”The first impression is hard to overcome.”

The first track to hit into 2012, is new single ‘Rio de Janeiro’. Perfectly on time for Rio’s carnival, right? What more can you tell us about this feel-good track?
M&D:”We wanted to make a track with slightly more complex rhythm and melody, and the end result became quite unique. As this tune started from rhythmical perspective, ‘Rio de Janeiro’ just fitted more than well to the theme.”

In our last interview, early 2011, you guys told us that that M&D is going to keep evolving. How is that going to manifest itself in 2012?
Marcus:”Well, in 2011 we have been exploring many different styles, and I believe 2012 is not going to be much different in that sense.”
Will:”We trust in the emotion, be it feel-good of more dramatic.”
Marcus:”So I guess our manifest is that in 2012 we will just do our thing, better than ever.”
Will:”I can underline that!”

What’s the new year’s resolution of Maison & Dragen?
Will:“This year we’ll do our best to get Finnish music out there. And to make dreams come true!”
Marcus:“Yeah, it’s time for Finland to show its talent.”

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