Thoughts Become Things II (The Extended Versions)

December 18th, 2011

The fully floor-equipped, 14 track album ‘Thoughts Become Things II’ of Markus Schulz’ dark and clubby alter ego Dakota, explored every cleft and crevasse of the prog/trance/techno/house panoply. With monster-hits like ‘Sinners’, ‘Katowice’ and ‘Sleepwalkers’, the American producer/DJ used his studio ‘other-self’ to tear off the roofs, rock the speakers and let out his darker side. To many, many appraise.

Now that the album has done its work and the tracks have flourished, it’s time to provide the fans and DJ’s with the full, unmixed version of the ‘Thoughts Become Things 2’ album. Extended versions of all your favourites, including ‘Terrace 5 AM’,  ‘In A Green Valley’, ‘Red Star’ and many more!

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