Chakra – I Am

December 25th, 2011

In 1999, the warm melodic touch of Chakra reach out and touched the hearts of millions of trance and dance lovers. Chakra, one of many successful projects of UK producers Rick Simmonds and Stephen Jones, became known for their captivating vocals, ingenious melodies and characteristic sound. ‘I Am’ is one of their classics, and quite a special one.

‘I Am’ brings you right back to 1997, when trance was at its first peak. Its powerful vocals, prog-trancy feel and heavy synths will sweep you right off your feet, 15 years after its first release!

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  1. I Am (Original Mix)
  2. I Am (Above & Beyond Mix)
  3. I Am (The Space Brothers Remix)
  4. I Am (Wrecked Angle Mix)
  5. I Am (Radio Edit)