Andrew Rayel – 550 Senta / Believe

December 20th, 2011

Andrew Rayel tells the next story of his A State of Trance adventure. With ’550 Senta’ and ‘Believe’, the Moldavian producer captures emotion, energy and 2 future classics!

After the release of ‘Drapchi’ and ‘Deflagration’, trance land discovered a new, young talent, able to captivate the senses and honor the classic sound of trance. Each piece of his music is a piece of emotion, and the same goes for the follow-up E.P.. ’550 Senta’ has a solid build-up, heart-rending melody and deep beats. An anthem for the highlight moments, soulful and solid in both the original, Epic Intro mix, Full Classic Mix as well as the Aether Mix. ‘Believe’ is no less of quality, building with a more proggy trance sound, bursting into a maze of synths and melody in the break.

Download on Beatport.

  1. 550 Senta (Original Mix) (07:31)
  2. 550 Senta (Aether Mix) (07:48)
  3. 550 Senta (Radio Mix) (03:18)
  4. 550 Senta (Aether Radio Mix) (03:56)
  5. Believe (Original Mix) (07:11)
  6. Believe (Radio Edit) (03:48)