Paul Oakenfold keeps pushing forward

Paul Oakenfold keeps pushing forward

November 22nd, 2011

There’s no stopping what can’t be stopped. Paul Oakenfold lives, breaths, talks and loves music and will continue doing so for many more beats ahead. Continuously touring the globe to turn EDM land into a place called Planet Perfecto, the living legend holds true to whatever sound he believes in. Whether that be goa, techno or trance, there’s nothing that his 25 years of experience can’t handle. This week, Paul represents our artist of the week. Not only to celebrate the launch of the ‘We Are Planet Perfecto’ series, but also to point out his on-going fire of enthusiasm and passion for music. A fire that has awakened many, many things.

Hey Mr. Oakenfold! How are you doing and where can we find you today?
Paul:”I’m good thanks. I’m in Chile in South America – half way through this leg of the We Are Planet Perfecto album tour.”

We’re hot off the release of your new compilation series, ‘We Are Planet Perfecto’. What’s the reason you started a new series and what makes it so unique?
Paul:”Well, I always like coming up with different, exciting concepts for my compilations – like with this year’s ‘Nevermind The Bollocks’ release – but at the same time I wanted to start something new that was going to be an ongoing series that the fans could look forward to every year. So ‘We Are Planet Perfecto’ is the first in that series. The sound of this first album represents a cross section of everything I play – from the slower more commercial sound that is big in the US through to the more underground banging sounds on CD 2 that I’m playing at my European shows at the moment.”

Volume one also features some hot remixes of some of your classics, including the Paul Webster remix of ‘Southern Sun’ and Nat Monday’s interpretation of ‘Faster Kill Pussy Cat’. Will more of your classics get a re-touch?
Paul:”Yeah – I love those 2 remixes. We are working hard on getting some of the key releases from the Perfecto back catalogue out there again with new mixes. This year we’ve seen the release of Grace ‘Not Over Yet’ with killer mixes from Max Graham and the amazing Protoculture , Robert Vadney and Jonas Hornblad. Coming up before the end of the year you’ll see a new package of mixes of ‘ResuRection’ hitting the shops and I know next year we have ‘Bullet in The Gun’ and ‘Southern Sun’ planned with a few other key titles. There’s some teasers for you – but also – we’re really focused on the great line up new music and new artists.”

Along with the release, you started a ‘We Are Planet Perfecto’ world tour. Which dates/locations are coming up and is there any of the previous gigs that stood out most?
Paul:”I’m now nearly 2 months into the tour which has taken me all over North and South America. I guess one of coolest things that stands out was the gig we just did right down at the bottom of the continent in Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego – that was so special. Because we were so far south, so isolated – it gave the party a really electric atmosphere. “

Got any time left to work on the upcoming ‘Pop Killer’ album? How is that one doing – anything you’d like to reveal yet?
Paul:”It’s pretty much done. Watch this space and I promise you’ll be the first to know!”

Your tracks seem to be working particularly well in the US, is it something you aim for when you produce it?
Paul:”I DJ and produce all kinds of different music. I make house, trance, goa, electro, progressive. I make film score music which you need to approach in a completely different way. I love melody. So while some of my productions are aimed for the US market I also make and release different, more underground stuff on my label Perfecto Fluoro which I guess is more in tune with the trance sound I’m playing in Europe right now.”

In early summer, you told us you fell in love with the trance genre again. How’s your new found love going to be doing in 2012, you reckon?
Paul:”Well I discovered an area of trance that sits somewhere between goa, or psy as it’s now called, and the more underground end of regular trance. After being bored of trance for a long time I have to say it was really refreshing to suddenly find my inbox full of these exciting records from a bunch of equally exciting producers who I had never heard of until then. These were the sounds I had been wanting to hear/play at my trance gigs for ages but hadn’t known where to find them. So yes my love is as potent and strong as ever. We have big plans in 2012 to roll out the Full on Fluoro sound on a huge tour I’m doing outside of the US. It’s called The Four Seasons Tour and it will feature hot DJ’s that play the sound we are talking about, hot visuals and an album series that will all link to the 4 seasons in 2012. The Winter edition shows kick off in the UK on the last weekend in January I think – with shows at The Gallery and Gatecrasher.”

Now, last question… what’s your new year’s resolution for 2012?
Paul:”Keep pushing forward. Never look back.”

The ‘We Are Planet Perfecto Vol.1’ album is out now on iTunes, Beatport or on CD via!