16 Bit Lolitas just roll with the music

16 Bit Lolitas just roll with the music

November 17th, 2011

A few weeks ago, we had the great honor of welcoming Dutch duo 16 Bits Lolitas to Armada Music. Producers Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock and their Bits & Pieces label have been rocking crowds since 2003, claiming worldwide recognition with their warm, patiently-crafted sound and gems like ‘Murder Weapon’, ‘Sedna’, ‘Nobody Seems To Care’ and more. The first musical pieces to rise from the Bits & Pieces label since joining forces, are the ‘The Rise’ and ‘You Are An Astronaut’. With these two gems haunting charts and moving masses, it’s the perfect time for us to check out where 16 Bit Lolitas are heading in the future! Sit back and let their music take over…

Hey guys, what’s up? First off: a very warm welcome to Armada Music! Are you guys as happy with us as we are with you?
16 Bits:”We’re very pleased to be part of a solid team of young and motivated music-loving individuals!”

The first E.P. of the Bits & Pieces label since it joined forces with Armada, includes ‘The Rise’ and ‘You Are An Astronaut’. Two, warm and spacey productions of which the latter has quite some rocky influences. What can you guys tell us about the E.P.?
16 Bits:”In the end we just make music. We try not to think about it too much nor to constrain ourselves too much. These days guitars and more rocky elements seem to have found their way into our music. We’re just rolling with that fact.“

It sounds to us, as if you guys are incorporating more and more live sounds into the 16 Bit Lolitas productions. What’s the new strategy?
16 Bits:“We like the combination between synthetic and real sounds. It brings more life to the music. And to bring some more 80’s warm vibes in our music it’s hard to do that without using real guitars and real drums (and real triangles).”

For the tech-nerds among us, what can we find in the 16 Bit Lolitas studio? Any new toys?
16 Bits:”Besides our one of a kind Yoko-monitoring system, the world’s largest collection of PSR-70 keyboards and Soundcraft 6 channel console with 2 band EQ per channel, we have some less cool items like a 32 channel SSL, the Shadow Hills mastering compressor, 4 1176 compressors, 2 Department of Commerce limiters, 2 neve 1084 EQ’s, a Neve 33609, 2 Distressors, a TG12413, a LA2A, Drawmer 1960, 2 EQP1A’s, a tubetech SMC-2B, Altec 436c and a bunch of effect equipment and 2 Studer tape decks (master recorder and an 8 track). So that…hahaha!”

We heard there’s an artist album in the making! Enlighten us, will there be a follow-up of ‘Bodywarmer’ and if yes, what’s the 2012 16 Bits sound going to be like?
16 Bits:”We’re currently working on our new album. In the 16BL trend of making the music we would like to hear. We’re moving more towards electronic music that has a lot of band influences and are working with some amazing vocalists currently. We will still keep it 16 Bit Lolitas though.”

On Bodywarmer, we could also find some of your remixes. What remixes do you guys have in the pipeline for the next few months and will there be any on the upcoming album?
16 Bits:”We’re doing quite a lot of remixes at the moment. The coolest we did lately were 2 remixes we did for UNKLE as we have been big fans of UNKLE for a long time. On top we just remixed an amazing artist called Senadee which will be released on Perfecto soon. Also there will be a steady stream of releases on our Bits&Pieces label of which the next one is going to be released on December 5th. Exciting things ahead :)!”

Get the ‘The Rise’ & ‘You Are An Astronaut’ E.P. on Beatport or iTunes!
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