Special guest Erik Arbores opens Armada Night @ ADE!

Special guest Erik Arbores opens Armada Night @ ADE!

October 20th, 2011

The Amsterdam Dance Event isn’t only there to see your big hero’s and the famous DJ elite play, it’s also there to spot new talent and discover a new generation of DJ’s and producers. One of them is Erik Arbores. The 14-year-old producer behind hit single ‘Bliss’ has perfected his DJ skills and is ready to show them off. This Friday, at the sold out Armada Night @ ADE, he will make his DJ debut at the Passenger Terminal!

Be sure you’re there on time, cause Erik will open Armada Night at 21.45, in the main area. After the young talent has brought you a grand opening, it’s time for Roger Shah, Ørjan Nilsen, BT, Armin van Buuren, W&W and Sied van Riel to take over. In Area 2, Armada’s finest house beats will kick in from the speakers, with Russian duo Matisse & Sadko, Dutch master Mischa Daniels and German duo Dabruck & Klein behind the decks.

Together, we share our love for music and celebrate Amsterdam Dance Event in style!  See you Friday night!

For more info, check the Alda events website! http://www.aldaevents.com/armada-night-2011-amsterdam-dance-event-2011.html

Area 1:
21.45 – 22:00 Erik Arbores
22.00 – 23.15 Roger Shah
23.15 – 00.15 Ørjan Nilsen
00.15 – 01.15 BT
01.15 – 02.45 Armin van Buuren
02.45 – 03.45 W&W
03.45 – 05.00 Sied van Riel

Area 2:
23.00 – 01.00 Matisse & Sadko
01.00 – 02.30 Mischa Daniels
02.30 – 04.00 Dabruck & Klein