W&W: “The album turned out exactly as we wanted it to be!”

W&W: “The album turned out exactly as we wanted it to be!”

September 27th, 2011

1.5 years in the making. Hours and hours of hard work in the studio, testing the creativity of its creators. It all comes together in the 2 disc album of Dutch duo W&W. The guys proudly present ‘Impact’. And guess what? It bursts with diversity, energy and has all ingredients for dance floor mayhem. Time to catch up with a very excited Willem and Ward.

It’s here… after 1.5 years your very first debut album has come into being! Choose any of these to describe the current state you guys are in: over the moon/out of this world/deliriously happy?
W&W:”We would go with all three of them!”

Seriously, did you guys ever expect to reach this milestone so quickly?
W&W:”If you would tell us, when we just started, that in less than 4 years we would have an artist album on Armada, we would probably just laugh at you. But 1.5 years ago when we decided to start this album it seemed like a logical step for us, since we had so many different kind of setups laying around.”

How have the reactions been so far?
W&W:”We didn’t expect them to be this good. Our social media are exploding with good reactions! It also does very well in the charts, so we’re really happy so far!”

Was it a hard challenge – creating an entire artist album, or did it feel like a relief to be able to create one big journey?
W&W:”It has been a ‘hard challenge’ and a ‘relief’ both at the same time to be honest. We were able to do different things and to give the album a creative twist, but on the other side we lost track of our musical boundaries. So in the end we had to eliminate some setups and set things straight. The biggest relief however is that in the end the album turned out exactly as we wanted it to be!”

Has it helped to shape the W&W sound, and for you guys to discover new ways and sounds?
W&W:”It definitely helped shaping the W&W sound, cause we tried so many different new styles, sounds and tricks. We were able to implement a lot of those in our W&W sound. Unique is the key word in this process!”

What makes ‘Impact’ typically W&W?
W&W:”A lot of energy, our typical big climaxes and a fusion of many styles.”

Who did you guys collaborate with and why?
W&W:”We collaborated with producers that could compliment our sound and shared the same vision in music. Producers like Ummet Ozcan, Leon Bolier, Wezz Devall & Mark Sixma all compliment our sound in a different way and we created some interesting collabs with them. We also worked with several vocalists and writers that we thought would definitely fit in our sound.”

The next single will be ‘Twist’ with Mark Sixma. What can you tell us about this monster?
W&W:”Mark came up with a great idea for a track and we were hooked immediately.  And  so ‘Twist’ was born. We’ve got a great package with two remixes; a massive electro remix done by Rick Mitchells and Bas van Essen, and an uptempo remix by the guys from Heatbeat. The original was already voted Future Favorite in Armin’s ASOT radioshow, so it’s set to be a good release!”

What about upcoming gigs, any big ones coming up?
W&W:”We just had a massive gig in the USA last weekend, we played Nocturnal Wonderland in San Bernardino. This weekend we’re off to Poland for our album release party in club Protector in Poznan. The weekend after we’re going to Kiev for Kiss FM’s birthday in the IEC arena, and the day after we’re flying to Canada to play the Black & Blue party in Montreal. At the end of October we’ll also be on the ADE playing the Armada Night at the Passenger Terminal. So a lot of big ones coming up!”

‘Impact’ is out now! Get it on iTunes!