Summer’s been kind to John O’Callaghan

Summer’s been kind to John O’Callaghan

September 5th, 2011

While the majority of music lovers celebrate their holiday, visit the festivals and celebrate the most beloved season of the year, summer marks the busiest time for DJ’s. Tight flight connections, multiple gigs a day, hours and hours of waiting at airports…and that’s not nearly the end of it. But, as soon as the music starts, the crowd starts screaming and the sun sets, it’s all worth it. All this is nothing new to Irishman John O’Callaghan. The DJ, producer and label owner of Subculture has had some of the most unforgettable gigs in his life in these past few weeks, and looks back upon the release of his ‘Unfold’ artist albums. Now that the summer sun is about to set and autumn’s just around the corner, we asked John to reflect upon his summer of 2011. And you bet…it’s been hot enough to keep him warm till next season.

Hey John! It’s been a while, how are you doing?

John:”Really good, thanks guys! At home at the moment spending some time with family after some long weeks of touring. Good to be home!”

We’re approaching the summer’s end. How has it treated you so far?

John:”It’s been a hectic summer with regular trips to Ibiza for Cream Amnesia and Judgment Sundays. I also just got back from a tour of South America where I played some amazing gigs. In fact, they were Armada nights! Dance Valley & Global Gathering also kicked off the festival season in style.”

Can you name some of the highlights of these past few weeks?

John:”Definitely playing an unplanned b2b set with Sander van Doorn in Buenos Aires to a sold out crowd was a huge honour for me. The club was totally packed until 8am with the sun rising, really amazing moment. Also Creamfields in the UK last weekend was a mega day – still the best festival in Europe! Cream in Amnesia in Ibiza has been really fantastic too, the busiest I’ve ever seen it. I’ve been playing a lot of closing sets there and getting to bosh out plenty of driving trance – really enjoyed that.”

You also played at the Armada Nights in South America, afterwards tweeting that they were probably some of the best gigs you’ve ever had. Tell us all about it!

John:”Well it’s no secret about how passionate the crowd in South America is, those guys KNOW how to party. Colombia kicked off the tour with 2 shows in Bogota and Medellin. It was my third time in Medellin and I’m glad to see a following is building there. They really love trance. Then we went to Argentina where I played a solo sold out show in Rosario, this one was strictly 140 kickin tunes, just how I like it. I’ve said before, Argentina is like my 2nd home, and that was proven with the reception we got at Privilege in Buenos Aires where Sander van Doorn & I played to over 4000 dance music diehards. No other country compares to this, except Ireland. Big thanks to La Morsa!”

In April, you released your artist album ‘Unfold’, of which the extended versions are now available. How have the reactions to the album been?

John:”Not a cliché answer but actually this album has been really good for me. I’ve been playing the tracks from the album all summer and it’s good to see people still requesting the tunes in my sets. That’s the marker, also people have purchased the actual CD of which I’ve been seeing at many gigs – so thanks to those fans for the support! I knew the album would be a slow burner with many people as it’s more of a club based album, and not so many ‘instant hits’, but I felt it was time to return to the club edge which broke my career. More of that kind of stuff on the way.”

We heard you’re working on a new Subculture compilation for 2011. Is it coming along alright so far?

John:”Yes! Filtering through at least 500 tracks, remixes and exclusive tunes for the 2 CD’s has proven a massive task, but I now have it down to just 1 A4 page of names ha! But I have uncovered some awesome new talent in this search for new music. That’s the most exciting part, giving new producers a chance – just like I got from my peers many years ago. It’s all about getting that break. But yes, Subculture 2011 will be rammed with ultra new energetic dance floor music.”

Any more Subculture news we should know about?

John:”Oh yes! In November is Subculture month in Ireland … Nov 12th Belfast: Me, Ørjan, Zo .. Nov 25th Dublin: Me, W&W, Kandi – u can get more info on my Facebook page. Thanks Trancefamily!”

Check out John’s ‘Unfold’ album, or enjoy the unmixed, full version package on Beatport!