Special offer on Trance World Vol. 10 by W&W!

September 22nd, 2011

The official countdown to ‘Impact’ has begun. Only a short wait till the debut album of W&W unleashes 15 powerful originals and the unlimited spark of diversity. To ease the wait and get a little pre-party going, we return to the very first official compilation of the young talents: Trance World Vol. 10.

On this 2 disc ride, Willem and Ward shared their vision of what trance should sound like, with a strong build-up, intense breaks and timeless peak-time pleasure. For Trance World Vol. 10, they selected some of the funkiest, toughest and most beautiful tracks of that moment – so be sure not to miss one of the first steps that brought W&W to where they are today!

Get ‘Trance World Vol. 10’ on special offer, for only €8.99 on ArmadaShop.com, and don’t forget to pre-order their ‘Impact’ album!