Midnight Sun & Welcome To St. Tropez in Dutch Top 40!

Midnight Sun & Welcome To St. Tropez in Dutch Top 40!

September 30th, 2011

Now that the temperature’s rising again, the Dutchies clearly try to make the most of the Indian summer that was given to them this week. This week’s official Top 40 is clearly influenced by the rays of sun, cause it features two of the hottest hits: Elena’s ‘Midnight Sun’ and the collab of DJ Antoine , Timati and Kalenna, ‘Welcome To St Tropez’.

Romanian singer Elena, whose sexy voice outshines all else on the housy ‘Midnight Sun’, takes charge of the number 9 in this week’s Dutch Top 40. The sugar-sweet, energetic house track with trancy synths makes standing still an impossible task, making it the perfect feel-good anthem!

Swiftly heading up the charts, is the maddening summer vibe of ‘Welcome To St. Tropez’. This week, its phat house beats make up for a quick rise to number 11! ‘Welcome To St. Tropez’ rides the strong vocals of Kalenna and raps of Timati, in perfect harmony with everything essential to make you lose your mind!

Keep an eye on these tracks and be sure to get ‘Welcome To St. Tropez’ and ‘Midnight Sun’ on iTunes now!