Armada Stream 40 – Week 38

Armada Stream 40 – Week 38

September 23rd, 2011

The unavoidable end of summer is here. Autumn falls upon us and so we seek our warmth in the musical notes of quality EDM. This week, the Armada Stream 40 has a new number 1, one that warms crowds from the Electric Zoo festival in New York to Bali, London and Amsterdam. Andy Moor’s ‘Fight The Fire’, featuring Sue McLaren, is this week’s winner!

W&W, who release their debut album ‘Impact’ this week, make a new entry with one of the singles taken from it, ‘Beta’. The young Dutchies warmed up for ‘Impact’ for 4 years, and now present 15 originals of exquisite tech-trance, minimal, progressive and many other styles to rock your socks. ‘Beta’ entered this week’s Stream 40 at number 34.

Mischa Daniels, who just returned from rocking Las Vegas at the ‘F*ck Me, I’m Famous’ party, was welcomed with some very hot news. The title single of his debut album ‘Where You Wanna Go’, feat. J-Son, reached the golden status in Canada. Of the feel-good house track, more than 40.000 downloads were sold in Canada. That brings the single to the 27th position in the Stream 40 of this week, so congrats Mischa!

Want to find out where the tracks of Paul Oakenfold, Shogun, Dash Berlin, Armin van Buuren, Ørjan Nilsen and many others are positioned? Check out a brand new Stream 40 – with the hottest tunes of this week lined up for you!